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Just Super Sonic ?

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Hi everybody


I just wanted to say hello to all of you coasterers


I'm going to Malaysia in September and wanted to ask if there's somebody from Malaysia and/or if someone has any Tips regarding coasters in Malaysia / South East Asia. I'm landing in Kuala Lumpur, so Super Sonic is already Super but is there any other nice coaster / theme park in Malaysia, Singapur or Thailand?


Thanks for your help and just keep on riding.



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It all depends on which state of the country you are going to. Since you are landing in Kuala Lumpur, I assume you are visiting parks there only.


Probably the best park around that area would be Cosmo's World in Berjaya Times Square. That is where the coaster that you mentioned, Superosnic Odyssey, is located. If you are aiming to ride the coaster fast, go early at opening time and go straight for the station (This is because later, the lines can approach hour-long waits). Some of the rides there are fairly new and original (i.e. Space Attack, Spinning Orbit)


Assuming that you can travel to the next state, Pahang. You can travel up Genting Highlands to Genting Theme Park. 5 coasters plus other thrill rides including the first flying coaster in Asia (strangely a 'smooth' Zamperla Volare), it's a pretty decent theme park. One of the must-rides would be an S&S Turbo Drop called 'Space Shot' (Strange huh) and the don't-rides would be Space Adventure (definitely NOT worth riding).


Anyways, I hope this helps.

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Since someones done malaysia ill cover thailand


If your in the Bangkok area at all, theres a few nice parks to visit.

Dream World as mentioned above is a lovely little park and is quite easy to get to. well worth a visit. although they do seem to have a seperate entrance/cost for forigners...


There are 2 coasters at Malls in bangkok which are easy to get to by taxi one is a rubbish zierer coaster and one (although shut while i was there) is a long twisting DPV build coaster.


Theres is also a Meisho Shuttle loop to be found at Siam Park to the east of the city which is easily reached by bus.


Theres also a small park in Pattaya on the coast which has 2 very interesting coasters and a zip line of a hotel. Although i havent been to this one.


Anyway if you need any help or directions i think i can still remember my way around so just ask


Also on another note. Gentlings flier wasnt the first in asia. Birdmen was. Although it did close down eventually.

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I paid a visit to Malaysia just under a year ago and found that all the coasters listed on RCDB were easily accessible from Kuala Lumpur, and could probably be visited in two/three days.


I would have to agree with dementedguy in that the best park in the area was Cosmo’s World, home to Supersonic Odyssey. You’ll find this in the Times Square shopping centre. For an indoor park, this one was very good, and very cheap entry, with a nice selection of flat rides and one good Intamin coaster. I have to say that during my visits at the end of September last, Cosmo’s World was not especially busy, especially in the mornings and later evenings, and on a couple of occasions there was a wait while enough people turned up before we could go. One other good point is that if you want to take pictures of the coaster or film off ride then there are so many places where you can do this, not just from the park but also from some of the walkways around the building.


I would also agree that Genting Highlands is worth a visit and if you don’t have a car then you can get the coach from the central railway station that will take you to the cable car that brings you to the park. At over 6,500 feet it is certainly the highest theme park that I have visited and they do have a good selection of rides and possibly the most amazing view from the top of a corkscrew lifthill. However make sure you check their website before visiting as it has a maintenance schedule showing when rides will be closed. Also, during my visit the mine train would only run/twice every half an hour so when the sign says open at and gives a time then be in the queue for that time. Also be aware that low clouds/mist may cause the rides to shut.


Another park fairly close to KL with a couple of coasters is Sunway Lagoon. It is real easy to get to by train as far as Subang Jaya station from where a bus takes you direct to Sunway Lagoon shopping centre entrance. The theme park is round to the side and you enter it through the shopping centre car park. The Buffalo Bill Coaster was a fairly average powered coaster but Lost City of Gold was a really fun Soquet mine train with a couple of good spots of airtime. They also have a good wet log flume that weaves its way around the power coaster, a rapids ride, a small selection of flat rides to enjoy and a big water park.


If you are after all of the credits then Mines Wonderland is also easy to get to by train, 10-15 minute walk across a couple of busy roads from Serdang station although you may have to cross one or two busy roads from the station, However, if you are not bothered about missing a credit then give this one a miss because it was the most expensive of all the parks visited and had the least interesting rides. The one and only coaster is a small family coaster, looks like it could be a Soquet, which comes off the lift hill, through a helix and back into the station.


Hope this helps with your trip

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You can easily ride all eleven coasters in Malaysia in 2 days. I did ten of them in about 30 hours last December. If you want a detailed itinerary to get it done, let me know. Otherwise, Hit Berjaya Times Square for Supersonic Oddysee, and if you go to a secon park, Genting Highlands has the most and isn't too far away. Sunway Lagoon is also nice and has a very large waterpark. They are in opposite directions from Kuala Lumpur, though, but I did visit both in the same day!

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