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Pirates of the Caribbean // Dead Man´s Chest

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Comming soon... the Adventure... BEGIN









Datos técnicos


-Constructora: Bollinger & Mabillard

-Tipo: Inverted Looping Coaster

-Longitud: 726 m

-Altura: 10 metros

-Gota: 16 metros

-Fuerza G: +4,5

-Velocidad: 80 km/h

-Inversiones: Corckscrew; Vertical Loop; Zero G Roll; Corckscrew

-Trenes: 2 de 8 filas cada uno


First Images of Construction:




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So far this ride has almost nothing to do with the movie. The track should be set on a beach and have many elements go over water. The track should be black, or water colored with black trains.

On the bright side, I love the supports.

The layout from what I can see is ok, and the ride looks smooth.

And in the begining you forgot to put an 'S' in 'begins.'

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I have seen the movie. The jungle is thickers then that, and most of the movie is at sea. The ride is called Pirates of the Carribean, not The Flying Dutchman. And what do you think of when someone says Pirates of the Carribean? I personally think of the Black Pearl. The whole thing is too green, the supports, track, and maybe even the train. Plus, it's the Carribean, and there are some jungles, but when you think of the Carribean you think of many islands scatered around at sea.

The man does have skill, but I still think the ride is set wrong. However it's his ride and he may do with it what he wants, regardless of my comments.


^Why did you just stick your own download into someone else's topic?

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How are the lateral G-forces on the helix? Are they pointed towards the ground? It looks to be banked at 90 degrees, which is too much for an almost flat turn.



The lateral G´s in the helix round 0.8-1.2 aprxm. Have a green colour

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