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Kraken: Sea World Orlando

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Sea World Orlando does have a nice balanced coaster selection. I agree Kraken is a very good floorless coaster that is smooth as glass yet forceful enough to be really fun. I only wish the under ground parts had more themeing instead of the steel walls but hey no biggie.

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Much as I really like Kraken, and lord knows I've ridden it plenty of times, (marathon riding at opening with flcc etc ) I think I still prefer Dominator at KD. However Dominator in its almost parking lot location doesn't match its original location in the swamp at Geauga Lake, Natural fog at night in the swamp cant be beat imo. But still, I really do like the layout , some pops of air and the forces of Krakan. It's good ole B&M !

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I like Kraken, but it's too smooth, IMO. I like Hulk nearby much better


I couldn't disagree more. Ive been on both and Kraken, IMHO, is far better. Hulk is neat to look at, the station and Cue are cool, but it's rough as hell and the layout is kinda boring. Kraken is kicka$$ all the way through. The layout is awesome and I Love it!

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Kraken has some great moments which are what make the ride stand out to me. While the drop and first loop both are disappointing, the rest of the ride is pretty great. The second half has a good loop and great trenches, but would of course be better at a higher speed. Dive loops are always awesome, and the zero-g roll and cobra roll are easily among my top 5 in their respective elements. I would say it has gotten a little bumpy over the years, though not nearly as bad when the train is full.

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For me, Kraken was a huge surprise. I expected a very good ride, but not a ride that would outdo Manta (still an amazing ride in its own regard) a few steps away. Each element featured great forces and taken at the perfect pacing. Even better, after a small break in the action on the MCBR Kraken continued on like it never missed a beat. Easily my favorite floorless, and probably in the top five coasters I have ridden with inversions.

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