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This does pretty much what it says.

Many of the threads here are simple questions with simple answers; and many of them only have a few posts and then are never used afterwards. I think that all the Q's relating to RCT2 should go here. This I hope will clean up the forums. Do I smell a Sticky?

Just a thought.

Also, RCT3 and No Limits Q&A threads will help also.

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I need help!!! This is frustrateing me I have A 8 car trainer and iam trying to fuse a giga with a loop from a looping coaster, but every time it passes the loop insted it goes on the giga track below it (becouse i have to but a giga track below it or it would crash) please help me, tell me how to make it go through the loop.


Here is the problem

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Ok, I have a question for the more experianced RCT2 builders. I am making an artificial lake in my park that is pretty big. Its main purpose is to house a chute-the-chutes ride. I was wondering if it would be " unprofessional" to have it as a giant rectangle or should i make it look more natural?

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