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Project: Deep Valley Amusement Park |RCT3|

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I was reading the second update and had a revalation!


The coaster cuts into the valley, and the first aid kits were used in each row right? people also said they did'nt know what happened after the lift, cause it's was Short,Fast,andIntense. What if the coaster brought the people back in time, the jump would be fast, and intense from the acceleration! out of the worm hole then end up at the mine when the fire started, and the ride would be short becuase they would die, or get hurt so bad they would black out which leads to the use of the first aid kits. Then when the town burted into flames it would be because of the train gonig back in time, even though the coaster wouldn't be built until the future, the future was still happening. The shadowy figures must be the ghosts of past riders, and the light flickering can only be ghosts of the towns people becuase where theres light there would be a person right? but what if it was a ghost and not a person?

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Update 6

Turning Point





June 6th, 1971. It was a warm, humid night, Deep Valley was hosting its annual college-night for the neighboring towns. The park was crowded.


12 people boarded the coaster's train... From this day, Deep Valley and Rocksville would never be the same.


The line was very long for the first ride of the night...


They boarded the train, pulled down the restraints.


I can still hear the chain-lift. Clank, clank, clank...


Further and further, the train climbed... It seemed to never end.


Then it happened, the scream some say that was heard all through Rocksville, a scream so horrific, some can't even recall hearing anything. Then...


It seemed as if everything stopped, went silent, as the coaster's train came speeding out of the tunnel, empty.


The park was evacuated, and a lengthy investigation began.


Search after search was conducted in the caverns that the ride intermingled with. Nothing could be found, no article of clothing, nothing. It was a phenomenon. But it wasn't the first. Remember, no bodies were found after the village fire, you know, the one that was over "the wall".







Next week:

The park before the "flood".

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^ The "grand finale" update will be on October 28th. I thought of holding it off until the 31st.


I MIGHT add a small update on the 28th, and then have the huge finale on Halloween. I'll decide about a week before or something.


What are your thoughts? Would you rather have a small update on the 28th and then the finale on Halloween, or the huge finale update on the 28th?


Thanks again for everybody's response! It really makes all this worth it.

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