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Both the mine shaft thing and the coaster go underground, and there's fire, does the coaster go to hell or something? Does the coaster take it's riders back into the past to when there was the fire? Does the fire have anything to do with it? Am I on the right track?



Just want to say your doing an awesome job, and could work for the movie studios to make shitty movies more suspenseful. Great Work!

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I think the coaster tunnels are connected to the mine, like the tunnels were a part of the mine or something. Maybe the towns people hid in there and were never found. Just my thoughts.


*EDIT* just thought of something else. Was the coaster originally the mine train or the mine carts that ran through the mine, be cause that would make a lot of sense if it was.

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ready crazy guess!


The coaster goes to hell, and burns the guests, the resulting flare form the guests then comes out the mine and burns the town.


Please tell me you'll be telling up the answer after the final update?


There's dead tree's around the coaster and nothing else but why are they dead? is the coaster cursed or something? or is the cave connected to the mine shaft that was untouched either physicly or by something else?


Very good point there, maybe the town, the coaster, and the shaft are possesed. All the people fled becuase of the possesion (hence why there aren't any people in the updates) I know you said that there were no survivors.... But what if there wasn't anyone to begin with?

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Did the people perposely set their town on fire, and then went in the mine shaft because there was some fountain of youth/gold findings there. And anytime the train went inside the mountain, the riders saw the thing and decided to get off the ride and stay there with the other people?


Do the people on the ride willingly, or unwillingly disappear?

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