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Valleyfair (VF) Discussion Thread

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I think too you have to look at it as they were looking at regional markets to grow in, and MSP fit the bill, as did Charlotte.  The most likely additions, I think, at VF are a return of ValleyScare someday, a hotel or campground to drive incremental revenue, and trying to extend the season with some type of Winter event, since its working great in Toronto/Vaughn.  

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Wow this thread has been active recently, reminds me of the good old days when everyone was still happy with CF and VF. Regarding recent comments, I figured I would provide a little of my own story to justify opinions. I have not made the trip out to Valleyfair at all this season. Nor am I sure if I plan on going at all this season with no new rides or Haunt. In all honesty, the monster truck event is the only thing they have going for them in my opinion. Next year I plan on going down to Adventureland and Lost Island since they will have a fair amount of new rides to try out with Matugani and the log flume/ coaster at Adventureland. So from an enthusiast perspective, Cedar Fair has definitely been loosing fans, such as myself, to local competition. Now I will say, there definitely are loyal Minnesotans that make going to VF a tradition every year, but in my opinion, Cedar Fair has grown way too comfortable with this audience and, as a result, has been unwilling to give any large investment to VF knowing they have loyal fans that will continue showing up every year. I personally have stopped buying a Gold pass, and will not get one until they get a decent addition.


Regarding other comments, people really need to stop buying into the whole TikTok rollercoaster teaser. VF's marketing team loves to capitalize on the fact that the park is often neglected by CF. Remember that last year they posted frequent troll teasers on their social medias. Heck they even deemed Valleyscare as the place where rides go to die a few years back. Yes Valleyfair is very much so due for a new coaster, but will it actually come, most definitely not. Just because we can build above 300 feet now does not mean that we will be getting anything that tall anytime soon. 


With that being said though, optimism for the future of VF is still good and it always brings some good discussion to this thread. 

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I think Valleyfair has a good niche and I think cedar fair notices this. Why drop a lot of money when the park is doing fine with cheaper events and additions? From a purely corporate perspective, I think if a park like valleyfair is able to easily get by with the occasional 100k investment into an event compared to a 10 million dollar roller coaster, why even bother?

I think the biggest shock to me was the removal of haunt. Valleyfair seems to have a very kid-gloves approach to security now as compared to when I started my time working at the park, and I think that contributed to the removal of haunt. Good security is expensive, and sometimes events like the 2018 fight night at haunt can give valleyfair bad PR. Even so, third party security contractors can make things worse and I genuinely believe the temporary agencies that were hired in during the 2018-2019 seasons did more harm than good during haunt.

Looking at the security guards most of them don't have much outside of a radio, body cam, and maybe pepper spray. This is a pretty stark difference to how they were equipped and would deal with situations in 2014-2017. I think a lot more is handled by Shakopee PD and Scott Co Sheriff's Office as they have officers patrolling the park as well. I could certainly see Valleyfair raising prices to keep trouble makers out similar to what Six Flags and Knotts has done. 

This isn't to say valleyfair isnt making things happen though. The park i started working at in 2014 and the park I left in 2021 when I ended my time there is a night and day difference. I started at a park that was disorganized and had a very mom-and-pop feel, and now it feels like valleyfair is an organized corporate business. I'm still holding out hope that haunt will return given the negative feedback that decision made and that we will hopefully get something new. 

I do think the marketing "false teases" are annoying and the dead horse has been beaten enough. This is my sole opinion and no one elses. Not trying to represent anyone or any company. 

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