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Valleyfair (VF) Discussion Thread

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Holding my nose through the CF quarterly conference call. The execs are really gulping their own Kool-Aid right now. They've taken to citing the highest per-caps (since Six Flags has been touting their higher margins) and insisting that CP is the rolly coaster capital of the world blah blah blah.


Anyway, the new buzzword is 'brand (fill in the blank).' That having been said, Valleyfair and CGA are both currently under 'Brand Review.' They've finished brand review for CP and CW and they're doing whatever brand buzzword comes next. They've figured KBF's brand is well-established


Long story short--they've made CGA's expansion plans public. There's obviously similar plans for Valleyfair--just no reason to make them public yet. No other CF parks were mentioned in this fashion.


There ya go.

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Indeed you did. It is the ONLY Space Shot in the chain that has ejector air time at the top. The others just sort of make you float some at the top.


Hmm... The reason I like our space shot is because of the floating at the top.

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I've never been a fan of Power Tower, the airtime on the Turbo Drop towers is almost non-existent, and the Space Shot is only marginally better. As sad as it is, I find Corkscrew and Mad Mouse more thrilling than Power Tower.


Anyone else going to the passholder preview on Sunday?

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I used to be so scared of PowTow, I only rode it for the first time two years ago for a morning test. It's probably the height that makes it more scary, but once you get over it, yeah, I am infinitely enthused by Mad Mouse than I am of PowTow.


Ugh, I hate the top portion of Mad Mouse. Maybe it'll grow on me with all the test rides I'll have to do this year.

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I tried an Intamin drop tower, the one at SFGAm and I preferred the S&S models. Probably because it was short at 227 feet and I guess I prefer the space shots because of the air at the top anyway.


And let's not forget about the Superman incident...


Though I'm still looking forward to Falcon's Fury in August.

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^They look nice, despite being underwhelming in the shadow of Wild Thing.

Nah, Wild Thing looks underwhelming in the shadow of Flying Eagles


But you can't snap on these Eagles.

Really? Dang! I've always wanted to try that

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