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Valleyfair (VF) Discussion Thread

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  • 2 weeks later...
Why wouldn't they? They had it again last year and it was only few weeks before PresCon.

The week before, actually.


Coaster Craze has been an event that has drawn a nice-sized crowd. Heck, the lunch itself was worth the price of admission. The addition of Renegade might be the thing that blows Coaster Craze wide open as far as popularity goes.



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Yet another update, you gotta love 'em!


I spy TRACK! Looks like this thing is going to be done in time after all!


There's airtime to be had on this beast!


The entrance?


Aaaah, the trains have arrived.


Looks comfy.


Really comfy! It almost looks like a sofa!



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There's airtime to be had on this beast!


It's a GCI, so...not so much. Sucks, too, since airtime is the one thing keeping GCI rides from being REALLY good. They got the whole speed/twists/lateral forces/comfy trains thing nailed.

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