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Valleyfair (VF) Discussion Thread

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They're only removing a kiddie ride and the car ride.... You can take em' if you want but the actual flat's aren't being removed


Shhhh....Valleyfair might be interested in the car ride


Looking at Google Maps, it appears Mad Mouse could fit comfortably on the site of the games behind The Wave. Mad Mouse's popularity would really activate that midway area while freeing up its old site for another waterpark expansion. If they really are considering taking out those games, I think that is a strong possibility.

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I don't see them completely removing that games midway behind The Wave, but if RipTide ends up leaving in the near future (with Dorney removing their Top Spin, it's definitely possible), they could probably relocate Mad Mouse to that spot. Even though it would get more traffic there, it's already a popular ride where it is now (partially due to its low capacity).


I'm betting that the Panic Falls Slides will be removed for whatever is next, but they'll eventually have to find some way to expand beyond their current borders. Relocating Mad Mouse and removing the adjacent games is probably the best way to do that. Someone suggested that Excalibur should be removed for the water park, but personally I'd rather see that land used for a new roller coaster.

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It seems that this forum has died down a bit so if you guys want, join me in this new poll. We rank our opinion of the 3 best coasters in the park, so here is mine.


1. Renegade

It's twists, turns, intensity, and twisty drop put it at the number one spot.


2. Wild Thing

This is the biggest fastest coaster in the park. It's stats, smoothness, and color scheme put it at a close second to renegade.


3. Steel Venom

This thing is horrifying. It will intimidate any first rider. It's crazyness will put it at third place.


These coaster rock. They are all dominate the Nickelodeon coasters. You can make arguments for any of these to go in the top spot, and this was hard. This is my opinion.

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Slide tower has a few parts of the trapdoor slides in place and it looks like they're about to start on one of the speed slides.



From VF's Facebook page.

Edited by VF15
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That entry makes it seem like the culinary guy is the one writing all the blog entries. Makes it sound like a food blog...


“I am really looking forward to sharing some great food stories with you from right here at the park. In my upcoming posts, I will give you some great culinary tips that you can use at home, share some of my favorite recipe ideas - from holiday and park favorites to rich cultural cuisine - and give you an inside look at the people and places behind your favorite Valleyfair eats. As always, I would love to hear any story ideas that you may have.”

- Luis


The bold sentence concerns me...


I love food, I just hope that that isn't the focus of this.

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I love food, I just hope that that isn't the focus of this.


Uh oh, I hadn't thought of that... and you're right, that's very possible. Scattered food entries wouldn't be bad, but the park development, events and attractions are more what I'd like to see.


Shouldn't the blog be maintained by the marketing or PR department? That is who I'd delegate it to. They could act like an enthusiast with insider connections, make it fun. I hope we don't have a lazy PR person passing off what should be their responsibility on the culinary staff

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Okay, I want everyone to take a few deep breaths and calmly take a look at what Matt (the PR guy) posted just one entry ago


Welcome to In The Loop, the new blog from Valleyfair! This new feature will serve as a rich resource to keep you up to date on all the latest park news and happenings. Along the way I will share some great stories to give you a fresh look at the park and maybe even spark some memories from years gone by. From an inside look at your favorite rides and attractions to some culinary secrets from the park's very own chef, you will experience a different side of Valleyfair.


You're all running wayyyyyy too far with the culinary guy's statements, all while ignoring the same kind of talk from Matt just one post ago.


I think he just meant that as new food stuff happens at the park, the blog will update us on it. Along with new stuff across all the park's departments. I'm actually very excited that a variety of managers from the park will be taking the time to write for this in addition to the PR/Marketing people. We're getting a much more comprehensive look at the park than we did with previous blog-type things VF has done.

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Good point, and thank you for bringing me back to reality .


I hope each department will do one entry per month at least. Don't know if that will happen, but it would quickly generate a great archive for fans to read through. It would be nice to see it updated once a week even.


I'm looking forward to seeing entries covering setting up the park for opening day, maybe a post on groundskeeping and landscape, general maintenance, when we can expect the amphitheater to finally be removed...This is most likely right on track.

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