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7 parks 2 days - Photo TR from CT,NY,and NJ

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So yeah... I met up with some random old guy from the internet who said he would give me some candy.... And by candy I mean.. If I drove to Hartford CT... I would get a free ride to Gadv..woo...


Anyways... Before getting to Gadv we had to make stops at 6 other parks...


Stop #1 on our whirlwind adventure...... Quassy! After someone act'd like a pimp to the parking lot girl... We got some free parking...woo


New this year the park add'd 2 waterslides.


And then I had to sit on some dude from the interets lap.. So he could get his mouse credit (no solo riders) What a great way to meet someone you have never met before...


Yeah.. I skip'd dipper as I had been on it before..


Creepy isnt it?


Part 2 will be up soon.. woo

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So after a little bit of time at Quassy we ran off to Rye Playland

I went for my first time last May and loved the place so it was nice to go back.. But this time I didnt have time to walk around and look at stuff.. Becuase we still had many other parks to hit


ahahaha Looks like someone wont be getting the Family Flyer credit (I got it last year )


I was to cool to ride the crazy mouse...


Dragons old front car... Has been replaced with a baby.


And then.. For some reason.. I took my third lap on First-Aid : The ride (aka superflight :-\)


Part 3 will be up in a bit... yeah

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^ yeah it was. So funny how it lines up like that !


After Rye Playland we made the "short hour drive" (right...) to Coney Island to hit up Deno and Astorland....


This had been my first time back at Coney in about 8 years... And only my 4th or so vist to the area.. Its much nicer now then it was.. But I still hate it.


Astroland still had the crazy Breakdance.. But I didnt ride it


*sigh* SOMEONE (NOT me) had to ride Coney Island Cyclone.. And they had to ride in the back.. I knew the ride suck'd and I have hated it for some time.. Well I read it got some track work done this year and was now "good" yeah... It wasnt. I still hate it.. I still only like Viper at Great America.


People have'n "fun" on their $6 ride....right.. fun....


After Cyclone we walk'd over to get the worm credit. I had this from before.. But I rode anyways as it has the cool turn-able. (worlds only wackyworm that runs 2 trains!)


Bitchy ride op says "DONT TOUCH THE APPLE!"

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Right next to Astroland is Denos (place with the Wonder Wheel).. Its a bit more "clean" but still dirty as hell.


The only non-coaster reason to go to Denos..The Wonder Wheel


The parks only coaster... Sea Serpent.


The rides first drop... (note Astrolands worm right next to it).. Yay for kiddie credits I rode.. Yet had already been on.

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After we left the Coney area we went out to...Bowcraft..

We had one hell of a time getting here.. After getting lost in Newark NJ for like.. An hour.. We found the place. woo.


So after 4 parks.. I finally get to one I havent been to before..


The reason we came to the park - Crossbow! The staff like freak'd out when they saw us. They were all "wow you guys came from blahblahblah to ride this?! thats cool blahblah " and then they gave us a second lap free.


Its just a small family size'd ride.. But for what it is.. Its very fun. And had some nice force (and cool trains!)


The coasters first drop.. Weee


The parks other coaster.. The Dragon.


The rides second helix..


Doing it for the count.


Hey... Remember when you could ride this at Canobie?


Oh yeah.. And Bowcraft gets a few extra points as it had a Hippo ride!


And to think.. We still have 1 more park and 1 more coaster to do that night........ Or so we hope'd.

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So yeah.. We should have had something like 3 hours at Clementons... But that didnt happen.. We got sooo lost so many times getting to this place. Everyone we ask'd told us to go a different way.. And even mapquest couldnt help us...

By the time we got to the park we had less then 40mins before it closed.. So we ran on in.. And then found out they stop'd selling tickets and such for the day....

Well after we talk'd to some park staff they call'd down for this guy (He was a head of some kind) and he gave us both a free ride pass.. So we were able to get in 5 J2 rides before the park closed... Woo!


After being lost for a few hours.. Seeing this was the greatest thing ever.. (you can kinda see 'j1' as well)


The park had like.. 10 chance made flatrides.. But we didnt ride anything not named J2.


After we ran to the back of the park.. And up all of J2s steps... We got to the station.. Woooo


First 2 rides I took were in the back


After I rode Avalanche at Timber Falls last summer.. I had kinda been drooling over J2... And it didnt let me down (but it wasnt as good as Avalanche )


Woo.. More j2 goodness.


Ride #3 I took in the front.. And it was sooo good.


Uhh.. Anyone know why they have an exit sign on the top of the lifthill?



"YEAH!! We just did SIX parks in one day...In 3 states!"


And one more photo of J2.. Because its just that good.


So yeah... That was one crazy day. After that we drove back up to Jackon NJ and found some ghetto motel to stay in over night so we could be at GAdv at 10am the next day

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^^ Yeah Crossbow just opened in July. I saw a flyer for it in Amusement Today back in dec and was all "that looks neat" so when I saw it was opened I did what I could to get myself to it.


^ Yeah. J2 was so off the hook.. it was on the floor


GAdv photos will be up in an hour or so.

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So after that crazy day... It was time for Great Adventure.... And my forth try for Kingda Ka.........

After getting a Qbot Gold.... We went to Nitro as Kingda Ka and El Toro still hadnt opened for the day yet....

By 10.15am.. Someone had already lost a flipflop on Nitro... lolz.. And by "someone" I so mean the person I was with


After Nitro we walk'd down to Kingda Ka to see if it would open. It was testing so we stay'd.. It opened.. So we went into the station. The front row line was like 12 trains.. But I wanted to do it.. But then I got freak'd out that it would break so we jump'd into 1.2 as it had no wait... Well the train after our launch.. Broke the ride... Ka went down for an hour or more... But whatever after 3 fails last year I got my CrappyKa ride.


Unlike the coaster... Kitty Ka wont break. It just falls asleep.


Yeah so El Toro opens at "12" as signs say.. So yeah... "12" really ment like "1" but whatever.. Its amazing.


Qbot gold + Backseat ride on El Toro = !!!!


For some reason I think I like Medusa way more then I should.. :-\


Tango.. The parks new rockin tug was open.. But I didnt waste my time on it.


Yeah so El Toro is better then almost everyone of the 89 woodies I have been on.


"Look at me! I can use my phone and ride Nitro at the same time!"


Its funny... Because its true.


"Hey look! Im closed forever"


"Hey look! I use to be an Enterprise line"


Later in the day Kingda Ka seemed to be doing good.. So once more we try for the front row... But someone in the last car of the train were wating for.. Made a mess.. So the ride went down for a bit... But once it reopened and I got my front row ride I did like the ride better... But if I had waited more then 30mins for it.. I would have been piss'd. (yay Qbot gold)


And to think.... Last year I never even knew where this sign was!


Thanks a lot slushy...


As the sun goes down... We have time to Qbot El Toro one more time


As we wait'd for our El Toro ride.. We went down to Medusa once more.


* http://myspace.com/selix * I guess they like Medusa?


"Hey look! I got a new paint job... But im not open"


Yeah.. Because someone couldnt get a photo of this lady.. I had to use my mad cam skillz to bust one off...


And thats it... 2 days... 7 parks.. 3 states (4 for me) and 5 new for me coasters...

I';d like to give a shout out to Mr. Homey G. for letting me take is trip to Gadv.. and adding 6 other parks on.


This TR was brought to you by ----

The guy who attacked the El Toro lapbar checker.....


"Bass in the face"

The crazy guy from J2.





and SNCE - - Special Needs Coaster Enthusiasts

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CanobieFan - thanks for pointing out Crossbow, I whored the park today.


For the record they have excellent pizza at Bowcraft.


I also tried to whore the new family coaster in Ocean City, NJ but Atlantic City and Craps got in the way.

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To bad you hated Cyclone. Oh well, I'm riding it Tuesday with a bunch of my friends (again!) And it did get retracked, and I thought it was smoothwer. Oh well. Kingda ka is a piece of total crap. SFGAv is going really down hill in my opinion!

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Thanks for blazing the trail to Bowcraft. More Jersey credits for me! You'll real lucky to get on J2.

lol For a kiddie/family ride Crossbow was very nice. I wouldnt mind if my homepark got something like it. And yeah.. J2 was amazing. <3 it.


To bad you hated Cyclone. Oh well, I'm riding it Tuesday with a bunch of my friends (again!) And it did get retracked,

I rode it sometime around 1994.... Then in 1999... So yeah in 06 it was a bit better... But I have never really liked the ride :-\


Kingda ka is a piece of total crap. SFGAv is going really down hill in my opinion!

I was just happy to get on it after it being closed 3 times last year. But as a park overall I like Gadv.

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