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Disneyland / California Adventures TR!

Ryan King

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Hey how crowded were the parks and how long were the lines?

I just found out I'm going down Wednesday-Friday for my sister's birthday..hope it's not too crowded.


The lines werent ALL that bad...but picked up in the late afternoonish, my suggestion would be to stay till closing and skip the Fantasmic shows etc and hit the rides while everyone is distracted. Best way!




Thanks! We went last year at the same time (CA Screamin' was closed..) and it wasn't bad. ToT was always a walk-on! I'm still trying to decide whether or not I shold even try to do a PTR after this great one!

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Hey, Ryan. I just had to post to say that this is one of the greatest photo essay trip reports I have ever seen. Witnessing the evidence of your adventures with Kevork made me very nostalgic for the wacky stuff I used to do at the park with friends when I was younger. The pic. titled "Kevork Didnt Know I Took This Picture! Shhhh!" cracks me up EVERY time I look at it.


Thanks for sharing!

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