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The Moosejaw Lodge Restaurant @ Wisconsin Dells

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For those of you who've been to Moosejaw Lodge at Wisconsin Dells.. was it NOT the best restaurant you've ever been to? And those mozarella sticks? WTF? Who wraps Mozarella cheese in Egg Roll-type shells?? Can we say freaking AMAZING?



Anyone else agree? What are your thoughts? FOOD. It's good.

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Dude, Moosejaws is my favorite restaurant within 3 hours of the Dells! Everything on the menu was amazing, and I loved the was it was decorated. One of the better microbrewery/restuarants I've ever been to.


I haven't tried the mozarella sticks yet, but I will when I'm there on the 14th.

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Ummm... John... I freaking worship those cheesesticks! Everyone must go try them now! NOW I SAY!


Pretty much everyone's general reaction to the cheesesticks.


A toast to Moosejaw, for making the most un-freakin-believable cheesesticks ever!!!


The cheese of the gods... which is appropriate cause we just got back from Mt. Olympus

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I just wanted to say THANK YOU to coaster_maniac for posting about these cheese sticks and to Spookbaby for your pictures! I made these at home the other day and they were delicious!! The husband is already begging for more.


Whoever came up with the idea of egg roll pasta wraps on fried cheese instead of breading is a frickin' genius!


Thanks again guys!

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