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Truck Crash Spills Penguins on Road


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Truck Crash Spills Penguins on Road


MARSHALL, Texas (Aug. 8) - A truck transporting zoo animals overturned Tuesday, spilling about two dozen penguins, tropical fish and an octopus onto an east Texas highway, authorities said.


"We had a penguin wreck," Department of Public Safety trooper Richard Buchanan said


The driver, Kelly Hodge, and a passenger sustained minor scratches and bruises. The Indianapolis Zoo employees were taking the animals to Moody Gardens in Galveston when Hodge lost control of the truck on U.S. Highway 59, Buchanan said.


The penguins were traveling in heavy tubs, which broke open when the truck crashed. Three penguins were killed by oncoming traffic; one died in the crash. Another penguin suffered a broken wing.


The octopus and fish were being transported in water-filled plastic bags. The octopus survived, but some of the fish died when the bags burst, Buchanan said.


Troopers and workers from the nearly Caldwell Zoo in Tyler helped corral the penguins and rescue the fish, Buchanan said.


The penguins were taken to the Caldwell Zoo for examination and then sent on to Galveston by mid-afternoon.


"They were doing remarkably well for what they had been through," he said.


That's pretty sad. Although I'm picturing all of these exotic fish in plastic bags and the penguins going after them so that makes me a bit more happy.

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that has got to be the weirdest looking thing. I mean *crash* then penguins just walking around.


This reminds me of when a truck carrying monkey waste crashed and It went all over the road. Man, that stuck because it was near my work. You can still see stains on the road

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Awww, the poor things!! As much as the image of the penguins stopping traffic is somewhat comical, it is a really sad incident, lucky so many of them survived.


But really, WTF was this guy thinking, he CAN'T have made the statement "We had a penguin wreck" in seriousness, SURELY not!!!

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^^Well I even admit some asian are not the best drivers and I'm asian... jks It's just a funny streotyping... Try watching Drawn together sometimes...


That episode of Drawn Together where Ling Ling gets the glasses where he no longer sees like an asian when driving is frickin amazing.

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