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Food Network Needs Our Help For A New TV Show!

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oh boy.. food network addict here.. and here's an easy one though it's not technically in a theme park.. it's the original Nathans, on famous Surf Avenue in 'fabulous' Coney Island. The fries there are unmatched anywhere in the world.. the grease has been touched by the salt air for more years than most of us have been alive.. the hot dogs.. well.. amazing of course, and NOT the same hot dogs you can buy in your local piggly wiggly in dubuque with Nathans name on them... and strangely enough, the best lobster sandwich outside new england.. my wife asked me how they could get a 'lobster' sandwich in that shape. i told her they used lobster roadkill, but i don't think they really do.. so why does Nathans belong on this show if it's not in a theme park? Because it's a two minute walk to one of the greatest roller coasters of all time. the legendary Cyclone. Oh and there was a pretty good 'theme' restaurant down at U's IOA, with a fantasy type theme.. i'm sure someone here will know the name of it.. it was a little hokey, but in a good way... bubbling drinks.. a really stunning architectural design and decent food.. anyway.. let me know when to be ready for my closeup mr demille.. thanks.. mark

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This is the stuff I live for. I plan my trips around dining. Having an 8 and 6 year old and living in Florida and being passholders, Disney World fills my dining bill for 4 vacations a year.


Best Seafood: Narcoossee's at the Grand Floridian Resort (Yes! Better than the Coral Reef for taste. Fried Calamari with Peppercorn Dressing, Seafood Chowder and Pan Seared Scallops)


Best Italian: L'Originale Alfredo di Roma at Epcot (Mozzarella alla Caprese and Spezzatino di Vitello)


Best Steaks: Le Cellier at Epcot (Cheddar Cheese Soup, Herb Crusted Prime Rib)


Best Spicy Food: Jiko at the Animal Kingdom Lodge (Duck and Pork Firecracker and Seared Jumbo Scallops)


Best Children's Food: Chef Mickey's at the Contemporary (It's a character buffet breakfast that offers a good range of different foods, but it is a very light and cheery atmosphere that just gets the day off right.)


Best Deserts: Bistro Di Paris at Epcot (Okay...they probably won't just serve deserts but...they change the menu quite often, but always have a chocolate sampler that will floor you.)


The only other place that just stands out on it's own for a wide selection of different types of foods is the California Grill at the top of the Contemporary.

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Robb, at Mythos, Balsalmic Chicken is BACK on the menu as of a few months ago...I still love eating there and I heard they have a new head chef as well, which could explain the difference:

Yeah, I know. The last few times I've eaten there though, it hasn't been. But regardless, my recent experiences, even knowing that it's back on the menu, tells me the place just isn't the same. Which is a bummer. And I know people who have had it since it's been back on the menu, and it apparently it's not the same as it used to be.


--Robb "Mythos has been replaced by several other options as our favorite restaurant in Orlando." Alvey

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My theme park eatting is basically limited to the Northeast region of the US, but I'll throw some out.


Knoebel's has the best pizza (although it has been said over and over again)


If you go to Lake Compounce you have to try the Fried Oreo's (which I think are called Bats?)


If you go to Dorney Park you have to try the Center Stage Fries.

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Ooh, Food Network, my favorite channel. Yet another collision of interests! Well, if I may say so myself, Kennywood's Potato Patch Fries are GREAT and pretty much everything at Knoebels is above average but at a lower cost.


Now, someone here just tell me, with full honesty, that Knoebels won't be featured on the show. On the amusement park episode of Unwrapped (which I taped), Knoebels was featured.

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I think that Busch Gardens Williamsburg has the best food over all. I am a terribly picky eater, but everyone i've been there with loves the food from Ireland, especially the Corned Beef sandwiches. There candies and fudge are real good too. I always make a point to buy as many Chocolate covered strawberries from there that i can

I also second (or third) the opinion on Cedar Points Elephant Ears. FANTASTIC!

And The Dole Pinapple Whip from Disney World? Let me put it this way. I haven't had one since i was 6 years old, and i still think about them. Amazingly Scrumtious.



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Let me throw my hat into the ring......


We love Kings Island Pizza. Specifically, La Rosa's Pizza!


Best Resaurant Theme: Kringle's Cafe at Holiday World! Got to love those free Pepsi products! Santa is a very giving soul.


The best food & Drink. EPCOTs World Showcase. Where else can you go and eat around the world. What makes it even better is the fact that you can snack or eat a full course meal in each country! Have you ever had a beer at each country? Now that is an experience!

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I thought all the food at the Epcot wine and food thingy last October was incredible. Probably the best theme park food I have ever had. I still crave those little Sweedish meat balls. Mmmmmm! Also that Tepanyaki place was fantastic. I love the in your face Japaneese grill. I found it to be on par, or even better than Benny Hanna. The little Mickey sprinkles on the Ice cream sealed tha deal for me. They also make a mean Onion Volcano.


I gots to go with Robb on Mythos. While the food was not bad. It wasn't great for the price either. Honestly, the spagetti and meat balls at the superhero cafe were just as good and more worth the price. I'm sad that I was never priveledged to taste the magnificent dessert confections that I'm told were a cullinary treat. Mabey they will re-surface this year.


However, I have to 100% disagree on Ohanas. Even comparing it to general theme park food, it seemed sub-par to me. When compared to other Brazillian BBQs, I found it to be the most bland, tasteless food I have ever had. I love this style of eating, and have tried many like it. (I took Alana to one for the first time for our anniversary. She loved it.) IMHO Ohanas fails on every level. Except for the company. Which was awesome!


OH! Big thumbs up to Dollywood! Just walking through that park is a treat for the schnoz. All the food I ate that day was just incredible! Not real great for the waistline, but a smorgasborg of taste to the tongue! I can't wait to sink my teeth into that good old fashion country cooking again. Oh, the best fire roasted, butter smothered, garlic corn on the planet!


Speaking of garlic! I have a deep dark confession to make here. I absolutely love the garlic fries at Magic Mountain. Oh my Gawd! No one on earth covers their fries with more garlic oil than that place. Mmmmmmm! Damn boyyyyyy!


As far as variety goes, I have very little theme park eating expertise. I don't think it would be fair for me to judge between Pizza, Hot Dogs, & Hamburgers here and there. It seems to me that they all pretty much taste the same. Nothing realy sticks out like a Double Kingburger with cheese, chilli, bacon and egg from Fatburger. But then, what does?


If I had to choose the park with the best food overall. I would have to say Epcot has been the shining beacon of light that all others are trying to follow.

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Australia doesn't have much in the way of great food at theme parks, so I couldn't really choose one. However....


For the Grandest food I ever ate, that would have to be Victoria & Albert's Restaurant at WDW.


I'm strangely addicted to Monte Cristo Sandwiches at Blue Bayou in DL too


Also - My favourite Multiple Repeat treat is the Gyoza Sausage Buns and the Sea Salt Ice-cream at Tokyo Disneyland - these are a MUST HAVE !




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Silver Dollar City is probably my favorite food park. The barbeque is top notch for a park and the various types of skillets are outstanding. This park must be on the show. They have everything Dollywood has and more plus it is all just a bit better at SDC.


Del Grosso's is known for Potato Salad and Pizza (they have their own sauce business).


Kennywood is known for Potato Patch fries but the Belgian waffles are amazing too (huge!).


Knoebels is a known for so many foods. Pizza, tri-taters, pierogies, cheese-on-a-stick, rib-b-q, potato cakes. Plus the International Food Court has a ton of unique foods.


Kings Island has Skyline Chili. It's a chain but it's unique to Cincinnati and it makes for great park food.


Coney Island is home to Nathan's, probably the best park related hot dogs you can find.


Busch Gardens Williamsburg has the Festhaus Sampler with authentic German food. It's easily the best Festhaus at an American park with the food, beer and entertainment.

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^ I agree on the Skyline Chili, the 3-way is great, and nothing like a cincy clili footlong cheese coney between rides on the beast. However, LaRosas has a big problem with being extremely greasy (dripping off the piece), the crust is very bland and has almost no rise or crunch (You don't know if it's a failed attempt at hand tossed pizza or a failed attempt at thin crust), and the cheese and toppings tend to slide off in a big piece after one bite.


For best overall (non Epcot, of course) park food, I'd have to give it up to DOLLYWOOD, for not only the quality, but the quantity of options, too. As many have said, walking through the park will make you wonder where to eat, because you feel bad about missing anything.


Kennywood's Fries are wonderful, and the Taco at Indiana Beach, although I usually get the walking taco, is also good eats (my favorite food network show, incidentally )


Elephant Ears is hands down Cedar Point, and the CF chain has the best deal on Cotton Candy, being 25 cents!


As for Six Flags, Six Flags Magic Mountain is the only park I'VE been to that offers Sushi!! That's different.


-James Dillaman

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Wow. How could I forget some of these. I defeinately concur on the following:


Knott's Fried Chicken

Cedar Point HUUUUUUGE Elephant Ears (They got them at Geauga now too!)

and anything at the Epcot Food and Wine Fest


Also, If you ever get the chance to swing by DelGrossos during the Italian Fest ... do it!

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