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Universal Studios Escape (RCT 3)

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Any ideas, thoughts? An entire area will be built to accomodate the ride and will also have several "boardwalk" rides throughout Amityville. (Ironically Jaws will not be located in the Hollywood section of the park, I'm saving that for Terminator, Mummy, etc.)


Boardwalk, ey?


Maybe Jaws Should Be Some sort of Launched Vertical Diving coaster, that goes under the board walk, just abovethe water, then suddenly, it Jumps up through the wood of thr Boardwalk into a vertical Spike, then goes back down.


Sounds really gay, now i look back on it. I wish they had those shark cars like they did on RCT2.

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I think this park is awesome! I only wish I could do something as awesome with RCT (I only have 2, my computer would DIE if I tried 3 on it). I have an Idea for the Spongebob water park.


Someone mentioned a lazy river with a few surprises called Squidward's Sunday or something to that extent. Some of the surprises that you could add in could be like Spongebob and Patrick spilling water on the peeps in different ways. It could also go through the aforementioned Krusty Krab Resturant and his Easter Island head home. Just an Idea


Also, I love the Maximum Carniage coaster. Breat Layout!

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I'm definately not giving up on the project. I was just playing RCT3 yesterday, working on a boardwalk themed park, and I may jump back into USE tonight.


My next project will basically be redoing ALL of the buildings because let's face it, they look like crap.


Thanks for complimenting the Carnage coaster, I think it came out excellent.

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