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YEAH ! I finally got a NEW car *pics*


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Those cars are starting to pop everywhere here in Montreal and I think that it's a good thing ! If I had the money, I'd buy one for sure. I am waiting for my girlfriend to buy one. She's saving for one


God, I love those cars

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Smart car is being sold in the states already, I believe... Someone in my town has one.


Not leagally. There are people in the USA who import Smart Cars from different countries.


actually, i believe you can buy it legally. There is a company who buys them, modifies them to meet emmisions standards, then sells them, i forgot theur name though.

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Well In Canada they go from about $16000. and up.

So.. in other words... around the price of a Corolla which is much more sizable and is pretty comfortable. 40mpg vs 60mpg... the few hundred bucks in gas savings a year just ain't worth it.


What a waste. Glad you like your matchbox car.

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Oh ya, for luggage, we can fit 3 large hockey bags in the back. That is enough form me. LOL, I'll have lots of pics from our trip to Dollywood next week.


I'm having a tough time believing that I could get my CCM bag in the passenger seat, yet alone anywhere else in that go-cart. And what good are 3 hockey bags if you have to open a window to fit a stick in the car.



Scott "I won't believe any of these claims without solid evidence, your honor" B.

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It looks cute. I wonder how they handle in snow.

Tires would be inexpensive.



The thought of a long trip in it would scare me. I did a long trip in a Cavalier once and came out of it claustrophobic (sp?).


Hercules: here's why i have an SUV: When you have a family, and you go to Home Depot/Lowes for lumber every two weeks, an SUV is a better alternative to pick-up truck. Yeah, i pay through the nose for gas, but compared to loading and hauling wood, my old 1997 Pontiac Grand Am just didn't cut it and having a 4cyl engine made trailers impossible to tow.

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Had a great trip to Dollywood. It cost us $33. to go from Ontario to Pigeon Forge. had lots of room for all our stuff and then some. This isnt my trip report so I'll only post a few pics, till I have time to do a full trip report. Was fun though.


Dollywood at last


heading into the mountains


packing with lots of room

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Man, I don't think you guys understand, the smart car is easily the safest super mini ever made.


check this out, a 70MPH crash into a concrete barrier, While most cars would not fare well at all, the smart looks pretty good afterwards




Spike, you bought a great car, and can't wait untill they start selling them here in the U.S.


The new ones I mean

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Crispy, your video is spot on. When this thread first came up I tried to find it (but failed). Thanks for posting .. it's pretty amazing.


"Big" does not equal "safe". (Remember that part of being safe is what your car does to others in an accident). Small cars like the Smart, VW Golf, Civics, etc are not only safer in accidents, but far better at avoiding them in the first place.


If you need a SUV to carry/tow stuff, then fine .. that's what they're for. But don't delude yourself into thinking you're safer in one. It's just not true.



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