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YEAH ! I finally got a NEW car *pics*


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Hey, with gas prices going up I finally went out and bought a new car. Its a 2006 Smart car, Pulse, 3 cyl, turbo diesel. Got air, soft touch standard/automatic trans. power windows, glass roof, am/fm/cd/mp3. Awsome to drive and gets 4ltrs/100km, or 60ml/gal.

I'm taking it on its first long trip down to Dollywood next week.




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^ I know of a couple of people from the UK trip who were in awe of how tiny the Smart cars are. Myself, I can't stand them, although as far as fuel economy and stuff goes I can understand the attraction. It's cool that you can park them perpendicular to a row of cars along the side of a street too - the length of a Smart car is around the same as the width of a regular car.

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Well In Canada they go from about $16000. and up.

Smarts aren't sold in the states yet, but they will be in 2008. The ones you see down there are imported and they are given about 1 year to convert they from diesel to gas. But they are legal to own down there.

As far as safety goes, beleive it or not its one of the safest cars out there.

Theres so much info about this car online, but for all the ins and outs and really cool videos go to www.clubsmartcar.ca


Oh ya, for luggage, we can fit 3 large hockey bags in the back. That is enough form me. LOL, I'll have lots of pics from our trip to Dollywood next week.

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There was a bit they did on Top Gear where they drove one (at 70MPH) into a concrete wall.


Afterwards they could still open the doors, the roof line was unbuckled, and the condition of the interior was such that any occupants probably wouldn't have even broken a single bone. Freaking impressive!




ps: Top Gear rocks, by the way. An awesome show for any gear head.. Sadly it's tough to find on TV in the US because all the cable channels are stupid.

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It would be great to make the switch to smaller cars, but the US is still stuck on the bigger and better thing with cars. Although, I guess the H3 went smaller than the other Hummers, but still. There are people out there that are still buys huge SUV's even with the high gas prices. I don't really get it.


Could you imagine what would happen to one of those little things if it got blindsided by an Expedition going 65? I think just the 24 inch rims would flatten that thing by themselves.

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