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Robb, What Kind Of Video Camera Do You Use?


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  • 4 weeks later...

I was wondering what setup you use while filming POVs. Like, do you have a mounted lipstick cam? I’m just trying to figure out if that is the way to go for POVs. I’d hate to invest in a lipstick cam lens only to find out the quality is terrible.


Thanks in advance.

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^ Robb has a lipstick cam and he actually mounts it to trains using duct tape (yes, duct tape). Before you go out and buy a lipstick cam, however, keep in mind that Robb gets special permission to use the lipstick cam on a coaster, and has built a reputation among parks allowing him to do so.

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  • 3 weeks later...


Thought I'd share with you what kind of cam I have. It isn't good for mounting, nor is it the best, but it is decent...


Konica Minolta DImage Z2

38-380mm 10X Optical zoom (noisy), 4X Digital Zoom

4.0 Megapixels

Rapid AF and Continuous Advance

5 hours of battery time (or so said)

Max vid rez at 30fps is 640x480. 800x600 at 15fps.

Max pic rez is 2272x1704.

Extra-High Quality SVGA Movie.

SD flash card.

Movie format: Photo Motion JPEG.

Compression... Um... 15min in 1GB... Format limited to 12min... I think...

USB2.0 transfer only. No Firewire.


Sure, not the best, but gets the job done.



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  • 3 weeks later...

I take a video class Valencia High School know as VTV.



We have 1 sony Handy cam, and 10 canon cameras

the sony is always broken, the fire wire port is always bad and this camera is a 06


your canon camera's


4 Canon GL2 (steady Cam's)

2 Canon Elura 100

2 Canon XL2

1 Canon XL H1(high Def)

1 Canon XH G1(high Def)


I personally have a Canon Elura 100 and a Canon GL2


all i am saying is that sony is not the best at making Durable mini-DV camera's


Also i use Pinnicale and iMovie and Final Cut.


Canon Elura 100


Canon GL2

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And because my funds are limited, it will be bought from JC Penny's on my CC. So, I am looking at the Canon zr 500, 600 and 700. 500 is 309. 600 is 379 and 700 is 399. I know these prices are high, but I am going to have to pay for them over time and have to get them from there. I know the 500 has a microphone jack, but no sd card slot. The 700 has a sd card slot but no microphone jack. Any suggestions.


will using them for taping at theme parks and wanted mini dv because I have a mini dv deck at work and avid.

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  • 1 month later...

Does anybody (besides Jarvis) use a JVC everio camcorder. I have one, and I was wondering if it's good for shooting POVs (even though at this point, I would definitely need some help with getting permission to get POVs). Someone please give me the info about that.


One other question. Are JVC everios compatible with the new iMovie 08 on macs?


EDIT: Never mind about the compatibility question. I found a converter.

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  • 3 months later...

I know that nobody has posted in here since August, so sorry to bring up an old topic.


I need some advice on Digital Cameras. I already have a camera, but it really sucks at taking night shots, close ups, catching details, and taking quick pictures. I'm sure that over the years you've narrowed down the best camera for picture taking.


Any advice will help.

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Are you talking regular, non video camera? If so, what is your price range? I would suggest getting a digital slr, along the lines of the Nikon d50. That way with the original lens, you can get very wide shots or you can buy the 70-300mm lens and get extreme close ups. If you are wanting a small digital camera, my friend's parents bought a Panasonic 7.2 Megapixel Lumix® Digital Camera (copied from a website) and it takes good pictures and good video.

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While I can't say the same about their video cameras, I have had good experience with Canon still cameras. I don't have the money for a DSLR, so have a mid-range live preview Canon "A series" digital camera that works quite well.


For night shots, make sure the camera has the option to shoot without the flash (nearly all do) and has a mount for a tripod (even a small one, as you can set the tripod on the ground, or in the case of a CF park, on a trash can). To get a decent night shot, the camera has to be steady. Also, a higher ISO may give better night shots on higher end cameras, but on many cameras a high ISO means a grainy image, so instead use the lowest ISO and a tripod.


Action shots - Higher ISO means a faster shutter speed. It may also mean more grain. A common trick to better pictures is holding the button down halfway to focus the camera, and then pushing it completely to take the picture.


Catching details - go with a higher resolution and OPTICAL zoom. Digital zoom is like not having zoom at all.

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For that range, there is some nice ones, but the low end, very unlikely. Once you hit 175 to 200 dollars, you will start to hit the nicer ones, I suspect. My digital still camera cost 1200 when I bought it and my Video camera cost me 400.


After looking at Circuit City's website, for that price range, you are going to get at most a 3-5x optical zoom.

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  • 2 months later...

Due to events outside of my control, I am now having to shop for a new video camera.


Was planning to stick to Sony's as getting 3years out of the last one in my mind is a very good performance, but have a couple of questions as things have changed from the last time I purchased a camera.


The models I was looking into are the Sony DCRHC96 which is a normal mini tape unit. I was also looking into a Sony DCR DVD808 (disc version) or a Sony DCRSR200 hard drive version. Just wondering if anyone has had any trouble with the recording quality on the DVD or Hard drive versions of the cameras at all.



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I got Avid Liquid 7 at work, but only WMM on my laptop. I don't like WMM timeline. I was looking at some pinacle and avid stuff also.


I am also bidding on a Pinnacle Studio v9 on ebay, my high bid is 15 and 5 to ship, so if the software is crap, it won't be that bad of thing for 20 bucks.

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