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The "What Sports Do You Play" Thread

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I play golf, and like white water rafting, though I haven't done that in years as I know no one that will go along. Everyone thinks it's too dangerous!




I love rafting. Used to do it for charity. There's a group in the UK that do stuff like that, you have to get so much sponsorship and you get to do the event for next to nothing.


I've done a Bungy Jump with them, absailed down a very tall building, been white water rafting, done a very high zip line drop and was going to do a parachute jump but was unable to do it cause of a health problem I had at he time.


Great fun.

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I play for our Varsity volleyball team at my highschool and I'm a defensive specialist. It's what happens when you can't get more than 3 inches over the net.


My friends and I sometimes play hockey in the school parking lot too....not too much else though.

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As you can guess in the avatar, I curl in the winter. Season runs from mid-October to early April. From late March to November (weather permitting), I golf - almost every weekend.


I also race go karts when I can (60 mph+) karts, not the ones at parks. I used to cross-country ski but that is a lot of work.

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I played baseball and basketball in high school. I still play golf in the summer, and have skiied since I was 8.


I'm a great teacher if anyone would like to learn since I can ski backwards.


Brian, who says if you get out of control, just steer into me!


*Please note, it's more helpful if you take ^ that advice to not outweigh me.*

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In high school, I was on the swim team and the tennis team. Now that I'm in college though, I don't do much of anything anymore. Every once in a while I go running, swimming, or, of course, play basketball. Basketball is just part of life in Indiana.

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