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PGA's Train for sale?

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You can still see a section of where the track used to be from the Top Gun queue, but they finally removed the old wooden bridges and such. I remember it when I was really young, but I dont remember the exact year it stopped operating.


The pictures deffinatly say Great America, but what is it doing in FL?

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Obviously you are far too young then...


The Railroad was there for years... I don't remember when it was closed though...


After 24yrs of operation, Paramount removed it in 2000 to make way for Hypersonic. Could never understand why the entire train ride had to be removed because one small section of track in a small corner of the park would have been in the way, and could have easily been re-routed, but that's Paramount for you.


PKD was suppose to get their own Flying Dutchman in 2001, but after Stealth turned out to be such a lemon, Paramount cancelled their contract for another FD and shifted Hypersonic over to PKD instead. So after all was said and done, PGA's classic train ride was removed for absolutely no reason whatsover.

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I'm suprised that nobody has bought the engine as they are quite easy to work on. If the governer is removed the trains can go quite fast (30 MPH or more possibly I won't touch the governer.) The only bad thing I have to say with this engine is that when the rails are slippery or wet there is NO TRACTION at all. Even though its funny to watch the wheels spin, it then means I've gotta walk around SFGAm's track and dump kitty litter along the uphill portions....

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