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RCT2 | Eftel Towers | Last Update 17-1-07 | DOWNLOAD!

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Wow, very nice park you have here. Some portions of it kind of let me down, but others far exceeded what I thought they'd be. Overall your theming work is amazing. The park had a very realistic feel to it. One thing I thought though, it seemed to lack trees. From the pictures it kind of looked heavily wooded, but the park wasn't. The outer edges were dense, but something about the midways looked like they lacked.


The rides were good, but not as good as I thought they'd be. For one thing, all of the multi block rides stacked on the brakes/lifts (waiting for the next block to become open). I would have liked to have seen the timings messed with a bit more to prevent this from happening.


The layouts, well some were a bit bland, others were really nice. The standup had a nice layout, good interaction with the midways, but it seemed to lack pace. I know that real standups are slow, but it almost rolled back in the loop and side to side hill. Some better speed management would have been nice.


The woodie, well I thought the layout was a bit bland. It was ok for the space used, but I think something similar to Voyage (Out and back with lots of fast twister portions in it's own secluded, wooded area of the park; maybe extend the map more?) would have fit the park amazingly.


On the good side of things, as I said the themes were amazing, as was the flatride placement. To give it a numerical score, I'd say teheming: 10/10; flatrides: 9/10; coasters: 7.5/10 Thanks for making one of my new favorite RCT2 parks, I'm going to play with it now.

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