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RCT2 | Eftel Towers | Last Update 17-1-07 | DOWNLOAD!

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Today I have a totally new theme-area to present, Het Bergrijk (The Mountainland)!

We start with the Square where you enter the area, with two rides surrounding it, Het Ballon Kanon (The Balloon Cannon) and Runaway Mine Train. ‘T Seylend Fregat (a Candy Shop) was already online.

First: Runaway Mine Train


Ballon Kanon is a place where you can buy water balloons and throw them with catapults towards eachother.


If you follow the path you’ll pass the entrance of the Bob, and a flatride, Schneefest. (Snow Party in German)


Across the Square stands the Bob’s station, themed in Skihut style.



This is The Steenbok, I showed a preview before.


What’s a park without a the First Aid (dutch=EHBO)?

If somebody get hurt, here they’ll fix it.


And here’s is the MAP with some extra information.

In Purple are two additions to the Monster Zone, the blue area is the last theme-area in Eftel Towers.

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I second that. Looks like an awesome place, really nice atmosphere and setting (and not all rides). Again, looks very Busch Gardens Europe like. Keep up the good work, I really can't wait to play this one.

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Again, looks very Busch Gardens Europe like


How's BGE like?

Does anyone has a Photo TR or any links?


A lot of people think the Efteling and Busch Gardens are the most beautifull parks in the world (based on the Golden Tickets), so maybe that's why Americasn recognise it as Busch and Europeans as The Efteling.

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Eftling looks like a very nice park as well. I can see the resemblance from what I've seen in pics. I have also heard Chessington World's of Adventure compared to BGE, and I see that in it as well.


BGE is very nice. The themed areas are really cool looking, but the atmosphere was what won it over for me. It was just a really nice place to walk around.


Sorry for the crappy pics...






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The Monster Zone is finished now, it contains three rides and one new restaurant.


The new ride is a kind of Shoot the Shutes.


Back in the park lies the new restaurant, themed as a giant rock where you enter through the mouth of a huge monster.


Soon will be the last update, the blue area in the screen above will be revelealed too.


Thanks for the BGE pictures btw

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I decided to split the last update in two smaller updates, the first will contain new screens and the second one a map and a download.

So here are the screens:


The last new themearea is Ancient-Greece, but that is not the final name.

It has two rides, a small candyshop and some toilets.

The first ride is Mt. Olympus, a Ferris Wheel with a nice view over the lake.


Candyshop Agora (Greek for Market). The small (ugly) building on the left are the toilets.


Maybe you saw it on the background, Pegasus is the fifth and last coaster of Eftel Towers.

It's built by the Gravity Group, but instead of steel, there has been used wood for the supports.

The station and remise:


Entrance-area of Pegasus:


Back to the Monster Zone (with the gyrodrop and the stand-up).

I have hacked Amphibious, the Shoot-the-chutes ride.

The track is invisible now, but it still splashes.


When the park was almost finished, I discovered I forgot to built some toilets.

So i placed one next to Agora, and a second one in the Bergrijk.

I think it's one of the best buildings in Eftel Towers.



Overview of the finished park:


In the next update an parkmap and a download.


See ya!

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Grande Finale!


Finally it's finished.

I've worked on it for more than a half year, en not without results.

Eftel Towers is my best park ever!


Only the best came online.

I made a Spinball Whizzer, the Piraña (rapid in the Efteling), a big dutch city with some rides inside, a suspended coaster and much more.

All those were too ugly or too complicated.

I searched for some screens of that, but the only thing that was saved was the layout of the Spinball:


The nest screen should have been put online much earlier, but i thought maybe it was nicer to do it in the final update. This one!


As promised i've made a parkmap.

It's a bit big, but that's usefull for people without rct!


I wanna thank everybody who liked this park, and motivated me to go on, but also the people who gave tips and hints.



You need some custom rides by Amazing Earl:

-Bus Stop

-Caveman Cars


-Double Inversion

-Double Swinging Inverter

-Haunted Mansion Doombuggies

-Mad Hatter's Tea Cups

-Rip Saw


-Sky Diver

-Spinning Cups

-Swimming Pool

-Swinger (Improved)

-Swinger (Original)

-Tilted Whirler

-Water Slide

If there are any further problems, tell me immediatly!


Let the replyies be a Grande Finale just like this post (:p)

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