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RCT2 | Eftel Towers | Last Update 17-1-07 | DOWNLOAD!

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This is my first park online since Hardermeer, which savegame was wrong.

I don't want to make a whole story about it again, so just screens and description.

Every comment is welcome, and if you don't like something, say it so I can improve my building style!



The Entrance.

It's a bit small but I like it.


The first area is the Mystery Valley.

I tried to create a quiet atmosphere, and what is that without an Air-rerecreation (a re-recreation, a rip-off )

The layout of Air is completely different but you'll easily recognise it.




Inspiration on the Air-Shop, here named as Nitro.


Facing Nitro there is a Topspin called Butterfly.


Behind Butterfly there is a square with a restaurant and an Enterprise.


The next area is the Gloomy Wood(Alton Towers again )

Main Ride is Duel, an interactive darkride.

I don't like the front, it's too busy.


Next to Duel we find Spook 'R Us, an souvernirshop, just like in AT.


To fill the area a bit there is a kiddy ride named Horror Express.


Behind all rides a road circles the park, for all staff and too deliver food for the restaurants etc.




Tell me everything you don't like, so I can improve it!

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-A lot of attention to detail.

-The flyer looks amazing, and I love the way it interacts with the area by going under and over paths.

-The entrance looks incredibly realistic.




-The really large building's roof looks too simple compared to the section near the entrance. I would at least add something to all the sections that are adjacenet to the paths.

-The info kiosk in the middle of the main midway should be off to the side. They're usually on the side by the entrance, along with guest info, lockers, etc.

-This is being really picky, but I think that the coaster's line is too short.



Tell me everything you don't like, so I can improve it!


There's always gonna be a lot of people that have problems with other's work, simply because it's so different from their style. If you are just gonna make everything the way others would like you to, your park will lose it's originality. Take some suggestions but I wouldn't change anything just because someone else told you to.

Keep it up, this looks great!

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Some of you maybe saw it, a new red coaster arrived at Eftel Towers, labelled as Nessy.

It's a B&M Standup featuring four inversions:

Zero-G-Roll, Looping, Indoor Corkscre, Corkscrew.

There is also a small darkride and a long tunnel.



Lifthill, after the intorducing darkride.


There are two Zero-G's on a Standup in the world, this is one of them.


The loop with the Castle of Uruquart.


Horseshoe+First Drop


Helix after the Indoor Corkscrew


The fourth inversion


Brakes + Queue line


The station


Overview of the park:

My favourite square lies beneath the black spot, I will show it later to you.


I don't like this coaster, Uruquart doens't have the castle-look I wanted, and there are too many big buildings.

I'll try better next time!

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I build more than I update, so the updates are going fast now.

We start with the customer service, just after the entrance:

The Anderrijk is an area in the Efteling, and now also in Eftel Towers.

Just like in the real Anderrijk there will be an Intamin Bob.



Next to Nessy a Intamin Gyro Drop towers the sky, named Dragon Dance.

Together with Nessy it creates a monster-area.




when can we download a walkthrough?


A download will be available when the map is full.

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The "Zero G Roll" looks more like a "Super Corkscrew" (my term; I put one in every stand-up I make. (Come to think of it, every stand-up I make has the same layout: big drop, 150' loop, dive loop, Mantis turn, dive loop, non-inclined loop, turn, faux brakerun, spaghetti bowl with two corkscrews, second lift, Mindbender not loop, hills, loop, Super Corkscrew, turns, Bowtie, and maybe a barrel roll.))

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At this small shop, called 'T Seylend Fregat (The sailing frigate in old-dutch), you can buy candy and ice cream.

Next to it is the entrance to the Bob.


The Bob isn't complete without De Steenbok (The Capricorn, a fastfood restaurant in the Efteling), only with some different looks:


Replies and especially criticism are móre than welcome!

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This park has a very Busch Gardens Europe look to it, which is a great thing. One question though, do you plan to have a woodie? Something like Voyage out in the woods looks like it would fit right in. A B&M hyper doesn't look like it'd be to bad either, but I think I'm under the influnence of the BGE look, so I kind of keep hoping to see an Apollos Chariot lol.


Looks like an awesome park, can't wait for the download!

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I made a rip-off of the Anton Pieck Square in The Efteling, but you Americans won't recognise it, so first i have some pictures of the real square:






And here are the screens of the RCT-version:


This is just after you've entered the park, the building in the middle is an Information stand. Behind the stand lies the square.


This is the Eftel Towers museum (Efteling Museum in real).


Here you see two old and nostalgic fairground rides, Den Olycke Tweelingh (The Happy Twins) is a place where you can sit and eat (you can buy the food in the bullding next to it).


The Smulpaap is a fastfood-shop, 'T Gemack is a toilet building.

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