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Andy Shine's Quiz Time

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13/26. Someone has to form the bottom of the curve.

I'm with you there, 13/26 for me too. I'm not as good with the international parks, but I could usually narrow down to two answers, so when I answered wrong it was usually my 2nd choice that was correct and I chose poorly.

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Have the monthly quizzes ended?




^You're^ the first person, as far as I know -anywhere- to have noticed/mentioned that there was no dedicated February or March Quiz, which I think speaks volumes. The website and quizzes are still there, and new quizzes will be added occasionally, but not every month.


Thanks for playing and for browsing the Roller Coaster Media Library's collection of parks/coaster/rides books and DVDs, etc. that you never knew existed.


Simon Andrew Shine Baynham

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I think everyone enjoys the quizzes, but not sure if its something that people seek out. We wold just wait for you to come along and post a link to the new one!


Add to that Mr. Shine keeps a pretty informative and educational facebook page! If anyone has never seen it they should check it out, it is really good!

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