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Andy Shine's Quiz Time

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Andy Shine's "JULY 2011 QUIZ" is online - Have fun! This quiz covers some parks' history. See if you can score 20/20 first time, without Googling! (Click: "*NEW* JULY 2011 Quiz" at -- http://www.rollercoastermedialibrary.com/andyshinequiz.html


***** SCORE *****

(0 - 4) ________ Go! Stand in a bad line for hours - for the ride to break down.

(5 - 9) ________ Go! Ride the Boomerang - until your head throbs.

(10 - 15) ______ Ride 'Meh' coasters - until you're comatose.

(16 - 19) ______ Schwarzkopf smoothness - Enjoy!

(PERFECT 20!) _ Go! Marathon ride Liseberg's Balder.



Also, don't forget to browse Andy Shine's stash of amusement park and roller coaster-related books and films you never knew existed!


Andy Shine & Simon B

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