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18/20. Some were too easy.


For instance: "Question: 12) George Cornelius Tilyou (1865-1914) opened his Steeplechase Park, at Coney Island, in what year?"


Only one of the options was within his lifetime. As long as you read the question, you should be getting that one right.


Same thing with the ice slides question. Three of the options are in warm climates. I doubt Spain or Australia would have been known for ice slides.

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Ugh...20/20. Yeah, that one was the easiset so far though.


Hi all / SharkTums


Well it is an April Quiz. Only an April fool would get some of those questions wrong. Come to think of it, even KidTums would do well in this quiz!


What should the next quiz be about? A series of super difficult questions perhaps?


Simon Baynham

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Hi TPR members


Do you think you know all there is to know about amusement parks and roller coasters? Then why not try Andy Shine's May 2008 Quiz.


Visit: www.rollercoastermedialibrary.com and click on the 'May Quiz' link at the top of the page. See if you can score 20/20 first time without cheating.


Have fun!



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14/20. That was a hard one, and a handful of mine were guesses. Truth be told, I'm not very knowledgable on my international parks, most of the things I know concern US parks.

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