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The most rare coaster credits

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My most rare credits would have to be the ones from the now defuct Old Indiana Fun Park.

Montagnes Russes and Mad Mouse. It sucks that it turned into a freakin nature preserve.

Did anyone that is older than I am get these and remember them clearly? I have pics of me on them but that is it. (mothers )

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The Dragon Wagon at the now defunct JoyRides in Colorado Springs was only around for like 3 years. I'm pretty sure I'm just one of a handful of enthusiasts that got the credit, and its NOT powered! Yay!


Wasn't that coaster Orient Express? I remember getting a few spins on it during Halloween a few years back (I think it was '05). Now that it's shut, we need a new coaster in the Springs! I don't want to drive all the way up to Denver when I want a coater ride...


And while on the topic, old Miler mice are REALLY hard to find. I think there's only three left (Tree Top Racers @ Adventure City, Wild Chipmunk @ Lakeside, and Mighty Mouse @ Funtown Pier).

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I'm proud of my Drachen Fire credit, as I got it when I was about 10 years old and didn't experience any headbanging at all. It would be fair to say that it was the coaster that made me start loving coasters. Kinda funny to say that considering the reputation it had, but that's the truth.



This is my story as well.. Miss that ride.. would of been nice to get a chance to ride it again before they shut it down for good.

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I'll consider Batman: The Chiller my rarest credit, no one will probably believe me, but I never got to ride Robin with the rolls, but I got to ride Batman. I did, however, get to ride Robin with the twisted hill, it was pretty fun, so could that be counted as rare because it only ran for one season without the rolls?

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I'll consider Batman: The Chiller my rarest credit, no one will probably believe me, but I never got to ride Robin with the rolls, but I got to ride Batman. I did, however, get to ride Robin with the twisted hill, it was pretty fun, so could that be counted as rare because it only ran for one season without the rolls?


I think so since Chiller closed for good by late Spring in 2007 so it didn't even run for 2 full months with the hills.

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I would define a rare credit as any ride that falls under one of the following three categories:


1. The coaster closed long enough ago that the majority of today's credit-counting population never got a chance to ride it. I usually say this is around fifty years, but rides that closed a long time ago may have had many riders over their lifetimes, there are just relatively few that remain.


2. A coaster that operated for less than half a decade and had infrequent operations during that period. A ride that operated for short periods at several different locations does not qualify for this.


3. A coaster with a strict maximum height restriction of 54 inches or lower.


By my definition, I have been on two rare credits:


1. Miner Mike at the Adventuredome-The first time I visited Las Vegas, I happened to be just below the maximum height requirement and rode, although I wasn't counting credits back then.


2. Windjammer Surf Racers at Knott's Berry Farm-Almost every time I visited the park after this ride was built, it was closed, and on the one day it was operating the line was over two hours and I decided not to ride. Finally, in January 2000, I visited the park on a day the ride was open. Even rarer, both tracks were running at the same time, so I was able to get both credits. The ride's final operating day was less than two months later.

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^ Interesting thoughts, but I do have a few other thoughts on this that I'd like to share...


First off, I always find people seem to confuse a "rare" credit for one that is just simply "far away." To me, that's not rare, it's just inconvenient to get to... for that person that doesn't live near it. For example, that guy who said he went on a Wacky Worm in Turkey, or Erik's coaster in China. Well, both of those coasters have the ability for THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE to ride every day. And if a ride can potentially see thousands of riders a day, that doesn't make it "rare", in fact, that makes it quite easy to get, you just have to be the right place!


I don't really consider a coaster that's been defunct for several decades a "rare credit" either. If you have been on a coaster that was demolished 50 years ago, that doesn't really make you special in that you have a rare credit, that just makes you old. And if that credit was not hard to get when you were the age you rode it, that doesn't make it rare in my book either.


I certainly wouldn't consider a ride with strict height restrictions to be rare either because, well, same as the far away credit, if thousands of kids can ride it every day, that doesn't make it "rare", it just makes you vertically challenged!


I also don't even think about most kiddie coasters or whacky worms even come close to my consideration of something "rare" - I mean, c'mon now, something like a Wacky Worm barely counts to begin with. And even if you were the one train of people who got the ONLY ride on some Whacky Worm in the middle of nowhere before it was demolished by a steam roller, who really cares? It's a freakin' Whacky Worm!!! "Congratulations...you're one of 30 people who rode this Whacky Worm...here's a fruit basket...eat up!"


I don't think coasters that are located at a "private" event location, like Stricker's Grove are rare either. Let's be honest here, during the summer, you can ride those two coasters any day you want....it's just going to cost you a LOT of money to ride them...or you schedule your visit on one of those public days. Those coasters have been operating for almost 20 years now...how can that be a rare credit???


If I would think about something that would be a "rare" credit, and I think about roller coaster rides being a "collection of experiences", I go back and think about how a "collector" would consider a "rare" item. And that's one that's hard to find or kind of obscure.


That being said, for me a "rare" credit would have to be something that was a MAJOR installation, not some stupid kiddie ride, not some backyard coaster, but a MAJOR COASTER that was designed for hundreds of thousands to millions of rides in it's lifetime, but who's lifespan was for whatever reason cut incredibly short, and then was DEMOLISHED with no possible chance to ever ride it again, I think I'd consider that a "rare" credit. Because it would be a "hard to find" experience.


For example, I'd say that Thunder Eagle in Pigeon Forge would be a "rare credit" as it was a major installation, and didn't even last two seasons. And that place, while in a huge tourist trap area, really didn't get the ridership that something like The Bat had in it's 3 season run at Kings Island. And I would probably lean towards The Bat as being a "rare credit", even though a lot of people in that area did get on the ride.


I would not consider Windjammer to be a "rare credit", as it just simply cycled too many trains being in a very popular year-round park to really be that "rare." It was short-lived, yes, but it's not "rare." I know a ton of people who got on that ride, and they aren't even that old and they aren't coaster enthusiasts.


If a ride like Led Zeppelin or Maximum RPM got completely demolished tomorrow for whatever reason, I'd count them as "rare credits" simply because no one really went to that park! And they only lasted two fairly short seasons.


I find most people just like to label something they rode as "rare" in an effort to make their coaster riding experience sound more impressive. But really, from my perspective, there really aren't that many "rare credits" out there. And I guess that's because if there were a ton of them, they really wouldn't be that "rare", now would they?


Anyway, that's my thoughts on the matter....

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