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The most rare coaster credits

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My most "rare" coaster credit is "Jungle Storm" at Chakazoolu Indoor Theme Park located inside the Al Dana Mall in Bahrain. I have off ride footage of it that I'll get up one of these days. For now, I came across these pics on my computer:








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I'm not sure this is a rare credit or not but I've been on a coaster called Screaming Condor at Leofoo Village Theme Park, in Taiwan. I rode it a long time ago and I always thought that this coaster was somewhere in China but according to RCDB.com, it's in Taiwan.


Oh and I have also been on Pteranodon Flyers when I was small enough to do it.

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I don't know if someone posted this already since I don't want to read through six pages, but here are the top 10 least counted coasters from coastercounter.com. There's actually a list of 100 in alphabetical order but I'm not posting all of that so here's the rare ones from A to B - they're all in pretty obscure places.


1 Achterbahn (Trampoline, Pentling Bavaria, Germany) 1

2 Adventure Train (Adventureland, Sharjah Sharjah, United Arab Emirates) 1



yay I got number 2

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My most "rare" coaster credit is "Jungle Storm" at Chakazoolu Indoor Theme Park located inside the Al Dana Mall in Bahrain. I have off ride footage of it that I'll get up one of these days. For now, I came across these pics on my computer:









No Way.


I have this credit and cant believe anyone else has it.

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^ I kinda found out about the roller coaster by chance. When I was in the Navy, I was staying at the hotel down the street waiting for them to fly me out to the ship. I walked down to the mall to get some groceries and found out they had a roller coaster. That was in 2003. And then when I was there in 2005, I rode again.


I also have credits on 2 coasters at Wonderland in Dubai. Nessi Coaster and Coaster. But I figure you would have those too, being in Dubai and all. My favorite ride there wasn't a coaster though. All about Taga Disco.


Thats me in the blue hanging on with on arm with my feet flying in the air.



The coolest part was that they encouraged you to stand up on the ride and try and dance in the middle. Didn't take long for me to fall to t he ground. Something you would NEVER find stateside.


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I suppose everyone will have their own opinion on what can be considered rare credits, my opinion is any coaster that dont seem to operate much(The Deja Vu's for example),Coasters you usually cant ride without a child or a set limit, and I guess you could count defunct coasters or rides that have moved on from your home park to other parks, so with that in mind, my list includes


Missile and Mine Train at American Adventure

The Beast,Black Hole and Thunderlooper - Alton Towers

Psyclone - SFMM

Big Bad Wolf - BGW

Roadrunner Express -SFDK

Jubilee Oddysey - Fantasy Island

Peredration Flyers - IOA

Robin and Batman Chiller - SFGA

3 of the Deja Vu's(Warner Brothers Spain,SFOG,SFMM)

Wile E. Coyote's Grand Canyon Blaster - Six Flags Over Texas

Wacky Worm - Worlds of Fun

Little Titans - Mt Olmypus

Great Pumpkin Coaster - Kings Island


Some of those you cant ride without a child or be a set limit, but on past ECC trips, the parks let us ride them to get the credits(Wacky Worm at Worlds of Fun,Great Pumpkin Coaster at Kings Island, Little Titans at Mt Olympus,Wild E Coyate at SFOT, and Roadrunner Express at SFDK) Its good to get both the chiller credits(that was on my first ever visit to the park), and one credit I am pleased to get is Jubilee Oddysey, Seriously Its seems impossible most of the time to ride this as they like to close it in any kind of bad weather(even in 5 mph winds, I kid you not)I rode it opening year so havent ridden it sinse they changed it because on 2 other occasions sinse then when I tryed to visit, both times it was closed

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I agree with Paul on most of these points.


Jubilee Odyssey was a pain, I never did get to ride it as they were replacing the lift motor I believe when I was there in April, was very lucky with Millennium Coaster also as I managed 3 rides then decided to buy a wristband to ride it all day (as it is so smooth) then they shut it for the day due to the winds.....dammit!


I also think the little kiddie coaster in Tenerife's Loro Parque is a rare credit as I wasn't even allowed in the childrens area without a child! I only wanted the credit....damn them!!!!

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I've gone through this thread and I realize it's highly debatable as to what if anything qualifies as "rare". That said...


I've ridden

Wacky Worm at Worlds of Fun. It requires a child to ride. Thank you, Kristen!

Olympic Bobsled from Butler Amusements. I can find absolutely no interest in or documentation of this ride except from NorCal ACE (which only mentioned an ERT session) and the fact that it made an appearance at at least two carnivals in 2009. All I know is that it runs SDC trains and it strongly resembles a Galaxi.

Zillerator from Butler Amusements. A reasonable traveling coaster that simply hasn't garnered much interest since it left Playland. Every now and then you do hear about it, but not necessarily from people who have actually ridden it.


I've also heard Ice Mountain Bobsled labeled "rare" because of the location and unique style, and Aftershock and Deja Vu since they're GIBs. However, I've never had any trouble getting any kind of Boomerang credit. Maybe parks are putting more effort into keeping them running.

I've ridden the coasters at the Puyallup Fair, but that was easy for me.

And finally, I've ridden all but two of the non-restricted coasters in Northern California (which probably means I'm missing four total). I've got some whored credits that I'm pretty sure a healthy majority of enthusiasts wouldn't even consider bothering to get, or at least haven't...yet.

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Zonga that was at SFDK is one. I was lucky to ride it once. Also Greased Lightnin that was at CGA. I was very lucky to ride it when it still had it's Tidal Wave theming 1997 & 1998. I believe the name changed to Greased Lightnin for the 1999 season. God I miss that ride. Also Stealth that was at CGA. I didn't get too many rides on it since the line was always long but I did go on it about only 4 times. I so miss that ride too. Oh & Python that was at BGA. I went on it once, DeJa Vu,SFMM, that horrible Physclone & Superman the Escape-forwards version since soon it will run backwards.

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Volcano @ Kings Dominion is a rare coaster credit if you only visit the park once because you have to worry about it being down OR having a 2 hour line. Usually, if someone is doing a one-time trip to the park and they get to ride Volcano they should consider themselves very lucky!



I guess I fall in that category, because not only did it run the entire day in 100+ degree weather, but the line never got longer than 15-20 minutes.

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Orphan Rocker at Scenic World, Katoomba - if you've got that credit - you're either lying, the owner of Scenic World, or a sandbag (legend has it that they tested the ride with sandbags in the train and they got thrown out).

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Screamin' Demon at King's Island (1978)

Z-Force at Six Flags Great America (and later "Flashback" at SFMM)

Any of the 3 coasters at Sauzer's Kiddieland (Schererville, IN)


I picked these because:

SD- The first 'real' rollercoaster I went on, and not many people I know have actually ever said that they got to ride it.

ZF- It was only at Great America for two complete seasons and then got moved. Over its lifetime it got ridden a lot, but not by that many at SFGAM.

SK- A tiny amusement park near my hometown. Lots of locals can claim credits, but if you were not from the Chicagoland area, most others can't say they rode these. The park is gone and replaced by mini-stripmalls and subdivisions.

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I already won this thread (Maverick+the Heartline roll), but I thought I'd add another to it. It's the number one coaster on my list of "I most want to ride," and it's a lot more off the beaten path than many of the other North American coasters in this thread. Mindbender at Galaxyland. Well known coaster, but RCDB only lists three parks within 500 miles, meaning any enthusiast that gets this credit is usually up near Edmonton for other reasons.


Other than that, any coaster in South America, Africa or the Middle East for anyone who doesn't live in those areas normally is a pretty rare credit.

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^Those North Korean coasters are just cover for the missile silos. Edit: I checked out North Korea on rcdb, they have a Zamperla Volare in construction, no doubt to extract confessions from dissidents and wayward credit whores.


Big Dipper at Luna Park Sydney, I was barely tall enough to ride but I got to ride before it derailed and closed. I went to Luna Park again while it was still closed and the night I visited it burned down down along with the Ghost Train and no - I didn't do it.

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