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Work out thread!

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I made this thread to talk about weight loss and working out.


I have been running 3-4 miles a day 5 days a week for the last 11 months and I have lost about 60 pounds and I have a 36 inch waist!:D Last fall I was able to ride MF/TTD at Cedar Point! The only problem that I have is that I have been staying around 240 for the last couple of weeks, I wish I could loose some more weight. I still eat all the foods that I use to eat, I just eat LESS of it and I don't eat anything after I eat supper. In addition, I only drink soda when I'm on vacation or when I go out to eat.


Has anyone here loss weight or work out?

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I go to the gym 5 times a week, and try to hit the trails (mountain bike) once a week or more. I do 30 minutes of interval training on a eliptical trainer(4-5 min at a heart rate lower than 138 then sprint for 2-4 min to get your heart rate between 150-160). I also do alot of back and ab weights to build a strong core for riding.

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Yeah, my sophomore year of high school, I lost 55 lbs in 9 months. In January of 2002, I weighed 193 lbs. In October of 2002, I weighed 138. I just ate healthier, ate a little less, and excercised more. Nothing drastic.


I need to start excercising more though. I don't do it enough. I was on the IU swim club for a while but I got behind in my school work so I had to pass it up. On Saturday, I'll be running a 5K race in Indy though so that'll be nice.

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I run about 3-6 miles every Monday, Tuesday, Wednsday, Thursday, and Saturday as part of my track team. I run numerous 5k's and 10k's to help me get ready for track. I also lift 8 pound weights (kinda sad, eh? well, those are the only weights I have) As for me, I weigh about 72-80 pounds.

---Brent 8)

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Well I am currently the biggest I have ever been.


I want to attempt to join the Albuquerque Police Deprtment, but in my current state, I think I would die half way through the 4 mile run, that part of the physical qaulifications.


So a few weeks ago I joined a gym, and THE OWNER met with me and we laid out an aggressive plan


I hit the gym a minimun of 3 times per week for two hours.


but right now I'm doing 5


Monday cardio for 20 min, bicepts and back, abs


tuesday cardio, abs, forearms and hands


wed. - cardio, chest, tricepts, abs


thur = same as tues


fri- cardio, Shoulders and Legs, abs


then any other day would be the same as thur and tues


I should be in shape in no time

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Two years ago, my wife and I started doing a program called Body for Life by a guy named Bill Phillips. It literally changed our lives. When I started it, I wasn't obese or anything but I was definitely out of shape. After the 12 week program of weightlifting, cardio, and eating right I couldn't believe that it was the same person staring back at me in the mirror. If there is anyone that has ever considered this program and your strict with it, it does work.

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I usually work out five times per week hitting either one or two major muscle groups with weight training and then about 30 minutes of cardio on either a stairmaster or DDR. One word of caution when it comes to working out and theme parks. I actually weigh a little bit more I did last year but my waist is smaller and my chest and shoulders have bulked out. I made my first trip to SFGAdv a few weeks ago and had a little trouble with the OTSR on Batman as I could barely get it to click once (and one time even going around with just the seat belt holding it on, talk about scary when I found that out at the end of the ride). So, sometimes muscle building affects being able to ride.


Here are some things I found that could help jump start your weight loss again. First of all, have you considered diet soda? I used to hate it but was forced to drink it when I was diagnosed with juvenlie diabetes in 11th grade. Now, ten years later, I really enjoy it and, in fact, can't stand regular soda. Also, if you drink alcohol that not only increases caloric intake but also reduces the rate at which fat is burned. It took me finally getting over my college party years to see some significant weight loss. Finally, try to find foods that you like and can still eat a lot of. I enjoy a romaine salad with fat free dressing. I can eat a huge plate for under 200 calories. Another snack I enjoy is Jello sugar free jello topped with a spoonful of Cool Whip Fat Free. One serving is about 50 calories but helps satisfy a sweet tooth. These are just a few suggestions. I hope that helps.

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Well, I've struggled with my weight for a long time.


I joined a Gym back in August 2003, and I've been with it ever since. I usually do the weight machines, in fact I can now do close to 400 lbs resistance on one of them. I can't do free weights since I have no one to spot for me.


Then I do some abdominal excercises, including a lot of crunchers, then I spend around 40 minutes on the treadmill starting out at 5.5 mph for a jogging speed (I usually spend a minute jogging, and two minutes walking, except for the first 10 minutes where I jog one min and walk for one min) and working my way up 6.5. I usally burn around 400 calories that way according to the machine's readers.


I don't usually weigh myself though, because I find most scales to be terribly innacurate, at least the ancient one in the gym anyway. All I know is my clothes are fitting a little better than they used to. But I lose weight very slowly, so I have a long way to go still.


My belly still hangs out, everything I eat seems to go right there, and I'm still generally flabby despite my work on the weight machines and such. But I do feel like I have more energy for things like work anyway.

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I try to run as much as possible but its harder now because school and work have made me overly busy as of late, but in the Fall and winter I was running 6 times a week, almost 45 miles altogether. I'm a hardcore long distance runner so I actually have the reverse problem - I'm ridiculously skinny and weak so I need to start lifting weights or something. I went for a nice 6 miler yesterday for the first time in a while. Also, I play DDR for about 2 hours at a time - does that count?

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I'm fat.(Everyone says I'm not but I think I am)


I weigh 135 pounds and am 5ft. 5" any health people know if that's healthy?


I work out 5-6 days a week and I'm on a swim team but I love to eat. But I hate snacky foods like fruit roll ups and lays chips and greasy stuff like that.


I also lift weights but I'm constantly between 130-135 lbs.


Any tips?

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Your only 13 dude! You still have a lot of growing up to do physically. Over the next of years as you continue to grow, you'll body will start to proportion itself out. It sounds like you get excercise and dry to avoid snacks high in fat. That's a lot better than a lot of kids your age. Just curious what kind of working out you do. Weights? You have to be careful of that. Working out too much with weights at a young age has been proven to possibly stunt ones growth.

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I do machine weights. I go to a rec so I'm to young for the free weights.


It sounds like your playing it safe. It's when young people start lifting heavy weight and gaining muscle mass while their bone structure is still growing, that they can start getting in trouble. What can happen is that all nutrients and metabolizers that were meant to make the bone structure grow are used in making the muscles grow instead. Hang in there. If people around you say that your not overweight, then you probably aren't. You may just be a stocky guy. Some people are just built that way. Just hang in there, remain active, don't eat too much junkfood, and give yourself a couple of years to finish growing.

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i work out on a crossbow, (a bowflex clone) 2-3 days a week for an hour a clip.

I roller blade in the spring and summer, hike in the fall and ski in the winter about twice a week.

i could lose about 6-10 lbs. 5'9" 170 lbs.


How did the Crossbow work for you? I have one, myself, but I find that weights provided me with a better workout than bands. I only use my Crossbow now if I can't make it to the gym.

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Here are a few things I have started doing.


* Walk about 3 miles a day

* Ride a stationary bike for 20-30 minutes a day.

* Cut out all junk food.

* Eat half of what I want to eat


Basically, I did a lot of little things like this; and shortly after I started, I dropped 10 lbs really quick. My only downfall is my "Comfort Eating". Occassionally, I get depressed and fall off the "junk food wagon". I'm working on controlling that though. It doesn't help that the McDonald's down the street from me just started 24 hour service! Motherf**kers!




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