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Canobie lake TR 7-31-06

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Well after many failed trip plans to return to Canobie Lake Park this year I finally had a workable date and some one to go with. My brother, his fiancé (he proposed at LC a few weeks ago), and I went to the park today. Our main goal was to hit the pool, see this year’s shows and Check up of Extreme Frisbee. Both proved very Success full.


After getting a very lat start and not leaving till around 10:45 we didn’t get to the park till nearly noon. As we pooled in the parking lot was 2/3rds full and we were signaled by a security guard to a parking spot to the right of the entrance. We left some of the stuff in the park and walked to the gate. Since we already had tickets, my pre season purchase and 2 free tickets from the park, we went right in. We hit the pool first.


I can see why they are taking this out. As we walked in I peeked at the counter at the turn style and there had been 20 people through since the pool opened at 10:30. Later in the day we say around a hundred people in the pool at most. Nut much of a draw since Castaway cam in. We spent around 30 minutes in the pool. I used the dive board a few times. The pools nice worm enough to be comfortable in the deeper side. From there we got out but I wanted to hit Castaway since it was slow. My group didn’t want to so I had to go it alone. A trend for the day!


Castaway Island was fun. It’s not great family oriented but lacks many thrills to the slides. The Complex has 9 slides ranging from 4ft to around 45ft. I skipped the tiny one and did the rest. The slides were enjoyable and the larger slides provided a few good banks on the larger slides. The splash areas were all so full I got water jetted up my nose nearly every time I hit the bottom. Chlorine was present but not strong. There were around 300-500 people using it and it got busier later in the day.


From there we hit the shows:

Professor uncanny - This is the parks new kids show. It proved to be the best show of the day. The show is simple we watched it twice I got pulled up on stage the second show. There are a couple songs and they do a few tricks. The slide of hand tricks were good especially the bubble catch at the beginning. The box trick wish shapes being pushed through and a not so Quick change. I video taped it at around 30 seconds. As far as the pull up and drop that was half of it. Ran about 25 minutes


Cher: Do You Believe - This is the impersonation show that replaced the very popular Elvis show. It’s in the Dance Hall and has AC. Well the show isn’t that great. The impersonator looks nothing like Cher and wares way too much make up to attempt to give here Cher like attributes like check bones. While she wasn’t singing she was constantly making fish faced to make her checks more prominent. She also needed to be a little taller, about 30 pounds heavier, and have at least another cup size. In all she didn’t look much like Cher. We aren’t really sure she wasn’t lip Synching since her mouth didn’t seem to move with the song being song. The Bonus is the show is very well choreographed and the dancing was good. The two females that danced were very talented and acrobatic. That saved the show from being a complete loss. we watched the show twice I only because I wanted to get some pics. The second show (last of 3) was nearly empty. Lasted around 25 minutes.


3 hot Tickets - This show has been changed since the beginning of the your. It’s now a Country music review. The song selections are all top 20 songs. Problem is the cast seems a bit rusty on how to sing them and there is no structure. Basically one person introduces the other performers they perform. In fact the ones not singing hide out in the back of the audience. It reminded me of a talk show or high school talent night. Lasted about 20 minutes.


The park has one other show CL5. This show doesn’t operate on Mondays So I haven’t seen this one yet. I have had mixed reviews. I will hold off comment till I see it.


Between hitting shows we hit rides. I hit Timber splash, wet side since it was a walk on. I also hit Roundup, Tea cups, DaVinci’s, and ocean tip by my self since my brother and his Fiancé didn’t want to ride them.


My brother and I hit Pirata. This ride is great but needs to be refurbed. The ride takes so long these days to get up to speed that you only get like 2 full swings before they slowing you down. Why they worry about capacity with a short line and a 45 passenger boat I don’t know.


We also hit Star blaster, Cannonball, mine of lost souls, Log Flume (at night), Lake Cruse, Phycodrome, and the train. The rides were a secondary and shows combined with the water attractions the day was pretty well filled.


The mine of lost souls is still one of my favorite dark rides. But many of the gags haven’t worked. The park takes such good care of there rides and it’s sad that hay haven’t kept up on this one. I would like them to install a second dark ride with animatronics just so it would be practical to keep some one on payroll to keep them up.


My main want for riding the train is it brought us Right by the Parts for the new Extreme Frisbee. There lined up around Buss Rd right in back of the Wooden Nickel. I was also able to take a look at the cleared land next to Castaway which had about 9 trucks parked on it.

Another fun thing about the train was talking to a Girl and her family. This was there first trip to Canobie. they Live just past Worchester, MA and presently only went to SFNE. With the increase in price they opted to go elsewhere and Picket Canobie. The family said they actually liked Canobie better and planed on visiting more often and giving up on SFNE. I mentioned to them that there is also Lake Compounce and they might want to check out that park as well.


We ate at Portafino’s and got a full Cheese Pizza. The hole meal Pizza and 3 drinks can to $21.96, not bad. I took a few pics of DaVinci’s while the pizza was being cooked. We hit the Lake Crouse right after Dinner to relax. W


We hit rides for the rest of the night and Finished off the day on cannonball. They really out to just get rid of the old Concrete walkway they have to exit because everyone just used the wheelchair ramp.


Over all a nice day staff was friendly and got a few hello and how your day. This is without it being a park requirement. Bunic students are At the park I talked to a Girl named Alona (a-Lun-a) that was running the Flume. Really interesting name and a solid employee Smiled to everyone and tried to talk to them when she could. I still have 3 tickets left and 2 months to use them in so I think I will be taking a couple of trips alone. not like I didn’t do half of today alone.


I’ll have plenty of pics and I’ll post a separate Extreme Frisbee info and pics in those threads Found on the site.

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always a pleasure. I feel that many of these smaller Parks Get overlooked just because they don't have a corporate name in front of them. yet many of them could Run circles around many of the Corporate parks.


Still working on pics they'll be on there way soon.

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Well here are the pics from my last trip Sorry for the delay!


I watched all the shows that ran that day.

3 hot Tickets



Cher: Do you Believe



And Professor Uncanny


i opted to Take a run through Castaway Island I'd never used it in the past but it was enjoyable.


Found BTP's missing shark


The cool Smoothie stand and matching t-shirt.



The attraction looks Great when running and the area themeing is also well done.





Matterhorn is still closed needless to say and the park hasn't done anything to indicate it will remain closed. Seeing it site there just teases me.


i don't use the arcade much but I've always liked the look of Canobie's


While I'm not the Biggest fan of Skater. it looks allot better now that they build the walls around the Sports and added landscaping.


Any one who visited the park in the 80's might remember this sign from the remote control car attraction.

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part two:

food and rides!


Well the food Selection got Bigger this year with the addition of the Dragons Tea house.


The attraction got a few new signs lately.



And a Couple Pleasant Surprises to be found at Cafe D'or


The mist was operating on the Tea cup


and they know offer Gelato in 6 unique flavors.


A new sign has appeared by the Cannonball line



Well i can't have anything about rides without having a shot of DaVinci's Dream


i took a Couple Nice shots of the Train



My camera has terrible night modes but I was able to get a few Good shots of the Whip out and carousel Building.




Some shots of the Menagerie and band organ




I'll wrap this up with a Couple shots of the parks attractions old and new.


The electric Fountain one of the parks original attraction is still operating and got some work done this off season.


And the New Midway Stage Build just last year. I'm not too sure but that might be the parks required FAA reserve on the roof of the Building.

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