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The Dark Knight.......Rises

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One thing that's interesting is nowhere have they confirmed Hathaway will actually take on the persona of Catwoman; Nolan confirmed that she will play the character (Selina Kyle) who eventually becomes Catwoman but seems to be avoiding actually saying that "Catwoman" will be in the film, so it will be interesting to see what happens there. For all we know this could be like when the Spiderman series had Dr. Connors (The Lizard) and eveyrone thought he would become The Lizard at some point and it never happened.


I have faith Nolan can make this a good film though, Catwoman and Bane may not be the "best" character choices out there but both have backgrounds that fit Nolan's "dark" style and he could easily develop them into much more complex (and much less "cheesy") characters than they were in the 90's films.

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^ The Lizard thing is hilarious now that you say that. SPidermans Reboot on IMDB has "The Lizard" as the main enemy L O freaking L.


As for DKR I can so not wait!


The new Spider-Man should be really big hit! Its budget is only 80million compared to Spider-Man 3's 258million.

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