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Favorite Inversion

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The Flying Snake Dive on Storm Runner takes the cake here. Honorable mention to S:UF's pretzel loop and Gatekeeper's wing-over drop.

This takes the cake for me too. Each time I ride it, I try to fathom the physics of it but I can't. It's like the airtime is sustained from the ascent, through the heartline and then magically into the dive.

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Any good, forceful loop on a Schwarzkopf coaster. Note-worthy ones being Thriller/Texas Tornado BEFORE six flags butchered it, Mindbender at Edmonton Mall, and Laser(defunct) at Dorney; first time I ever went grey on a coaster.


Fahrenheit's norwegian loop is awesome as well, the slight swerve on the entry, before diving down into the element, creates a pretty cool sensation. Also, on the exit of the element, I got some crazy-weird airtime while the train rotated and dove towards the ground.


My personal favorite though, has to be the combination of zero-g roll into the flying snake dive on Stormrunner. Theres this weird floating feeling through the whole element, followed by the sensation of the train diving away from you, while your body tries to continue rotating and traveling forwards. Love it.


Takabisha(?) has this sweet looking element called the "banana roll", and its looks like it would ride pretty smoothly/incredible . Its like you grabbed on to the "head" part of a cobra roll, and bent it upwards. Or maybe like an inverted top-hat, but rather than a vertical entry/exit, its a GREATER than vertical entry/exit. Hope to experience it one day. Any of you guys ride it?


My overall favorite element of ALL, isn't an inversion... I LOVE me some stengal dives

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Favorite Inversions:


The Inline Twists on Ispeed

The Zero G Roll on Kumba

The Flying Snake Dive on Storm Runner

The Pretzal Loop on Tatsu

The Zero G Roll/Launch on Incredible Hulk

The Batwing on Montu

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My favorite inversions in general are:


Zero-G Roll on any B&M Coaster

Pretzel Loop on any Flying Coaster

Any Loop on any Arrow Looper


For particular rides, I like (no particular order):


Batwing on Afterburn

Cobra Roll on Alpengeist

Double Corkscrew on Demon (CGA)

Corkscrew on Flight of Fear

Heartline Roll on Hydra the Revenge (aka JoJo Roll)

Top Hat on Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast

Dive Loop on Mystery Mine

Dive Loop on Manhattan Expresss (only good part of that ride IMO)

Second Corkscrew on Riddler's Revenge

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Since there are a lot of inversions I like, I'll try to shorten the list to only three.


-The only flying coaster I've been on is Superman UF, but I absolutely love the pretzel loop on that ride. I can't even imagine how insane Tatsu's must be.

-Zero-G rolls are always awesome, and I especially love Bizzaro's at SFGAdv.

-Finally, I am a sucker for good old fashioned vertical loops, especially huge ones. Dominator's loop happens to be my absolute favorite.

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