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Favorite Inversion

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big loops really get my juicies flowing, the only real big loop I've been on is on the dragon khan, its about 140-150ft (guess) once you go up you forget about coming down, and when you do you can believe your not going to crash into the ground! nice thread by the way, its all about the inversions!

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I really like Dive Loops, especially the sort like Kraken's, which is more of a twist and dive, where you climb, then just rotate, and drop.

They're much better than something like Scream, where it's essentially just half a cobra roll (albeit enlarged quite a bit)


Immelmans (Immelmen?) are pretty cool aswell, especially on Montu where you go up the side of the temple gates, and the two on DD Fire, the second one is pretty crazy.

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The first raven turn on X2, if that counts. I love the flying sensation coming out of it.


I generally I prefer rolls to loops. As for more normal coaster inversions, my favorites are Mystery Mine's dive loop, YOLOcoaster's loop, and the OMFG Rusutsu Ultratwister heartline rolls. The most intense inversions (not necessarily my favorites) would probably be Tatsu's pretzel loop, Blue Fire's heartline roll, and any Schwarzkopf loop.

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The pretzel loops on B&M flying coasters. I've only been on two S:UF rides as a reference, the rest of the ride is "meh", but the pretzel loop is so epic it made me re-ride it a few times. Good thing I had a Flash-Pass !

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