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If you could choose "One Park & One Ride!"

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I'd have to say Hades at mt olympus. i've been following the project hardcore since the first footer went in, and i witnessed half of the construction, but due to circumstances out of my control, i have been unable to ride it. i get more depressed every day i'm not able to burn in hell.

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Patriot at Worlds of Fun. I could ride this coaster all day and never get tired of it.

If I had to choose something else, definately Escape from Pompeii at Busch Gardens Europe. I loved it when I rode it this June. Surprisingly, it's the best ride there to ride while it's raining. Thank God for fire effects.

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Ok, so I would defenitely ride Storm Runner at Hershey Park. Call me a wimp, but i think 72 m.p.h. is plenty of speed (not to compare to kingda ka of course). I like this ride better than Kingda Ka only because it still has that "take you by surprise" launch, and there is more. On Kingda Ka, it's staright up, turn, crest, spiral down, crest, brake. On Storm Runner, it's launch, straight up, turn, crest, straight down, straight up, top hat, banking out downward, up, twist, half twist, diving loop, turn, turn, and THEN brake. There's "more to love" on Storm Runner. Give it a try.

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Eejanaika @ Fuji-Q Highland


There are many Intamin's and B&M's out there that I want to ride, but on those rides you know pretty much what to expect once you have been on one of them. If I only could choose one coaster, Id rather choose one which could give me that "WTF is this coaster doing with me??"-feeling, which VERY few coasters does! I want to be surprised, and Im 100% sure that this coaster would do that to me.



Of the coasters I have ridden its of course the one and only Wild Train @ Erlebnispark Strasswalchen!

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