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Things that you never what to hear a ride op. say

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Theres a PA system at the top of Dr. Dooms Freefall (drop tower) at Islands of Adventure and as we reached the top the op said in an evil voice:


"OK, we're going to countdown until you plunge to your death. 13, 12, 11, 10, 9" *at this point the ride drops*



What I've never heard but would never want to hear waiting for a flat launch coaster:


"I wonder what would happen if we turned the power to maximum... has anybody here ever gone 200 MPH outside of an airplane or bullet train?"


Or on a spinning ride:


"If at any time you feel nauseous, place one hand over your mouth and another hand in the air. This way you will puke more on yourself than anybody else and other riders can prepare for when you spew, since theres no way in hell I'm stopping this ride."

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Actually happened on Dropzone, a drop tower.


We get to the top of the tower.

Ride op:"You'll be dropping in 5...4...3...2...1"

We hear the whoosh of some of the cars go down, but for us nothing happens, nervous laughter from the riders.

Ride op:"Now...drrrrrroooopppiiinnnggg now?"

We sit for another 30 seconds at 230 feet.

Ride op: "We apologize for the inconvenience folks, we are currently experiencing a tenchnical delay, you will be brought down as soon as possible."


Two cars had to sit up there for ten minutes while the mechanics figured out how to bring the cars down slowly, we were then offered to ride again and I was the only one who stayed on!

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Your standing in line, next to ride. The ride ops are looking out towards the brakes & transfer track, watching the coaster run it's course.


Ride Op 1: Dude....um, was that a guy that just fell from the loop?

Ride Op 2: Yup...I think it was...did you check all the restraint?

Ride Op 1: Dude, I don't think so (*starts laughing*), I'm still hammered from that party at jake's last night.

Ride Op 2: (*laughing*) Oh well, just make sure you check the restraints this time, I'll just tell the boss that the guy was standing up.


Of course...this will probably never happen...or could it?

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I actually heard this at WOF on the Sea Dragon:


OP 1- "Clear. (Presses button and ride moves a little.)"

OP 2- "You press the start ride button not the free swing one!"

OP 1- "I didnt press free swing!"


It was really comforting to see that the ride op didnt know how to operate the ride.

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I'm a ride op and there are plenty of things I have said/done on purpose and some that weren't. I was working the pirate ship at sfkk and once the ride came to a stop I went to press the open restraint button button but I accidently pressed the start cycle button. I said "oops, that wasn't supposed to happen" over the mic. The people in line looked at me all funny, it was great. Then one time I was at road runner express and something fell off from underneath the car. I asked my other co-worker if he saw it, he said no. I didn't dispatch the car that was waiting and I ran over to see what it was. I couldn't make it out but it looked like something that went to a sensor. I called him over a back up my assumption. I then shut the ride down and called techs. One of the cars was full and the restraints wouldn't pop up. One of the guys was stuck in it for 10 min. He didn't care though. The piece that fell of was a "silencer" for the lift clicker thingy(the name eludes me right now). A little after we opened back up a guy brought a camera on the ride. I asked him to put it up and he pointed out that it was wrapped around his arm. My answer to that one was, "Have you seen Final Destination 3? Cameras and coasters don't go good together." The kids behind him got all bug eyed....I guess I scared them....muhahaha.

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*as smoke billowes out of the ride op box* "Oh man, I am SO HIGH."


"Hello everyone. I'm new here. Well, actually, I don't work here at all, I'm just the manager's son. He told me the basic controls for operating this ride, let's see... is it this red button, or that one? Hmmmm... Eenie meenie miney mo..."





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A ride op for Cyclops: "Was I supposed to let the 5 year old girl ride in the last row?"



Okay, so long story short my Dad and I have had a long running joke about what to say over the PA system at the top of any drop ride such as:


"I'm sorry ladies and gentlemen we are experiencing ride difficulties. You will be stuck up here for *brief moment of white noise* hours."


"Ladies and gentlemen if you could please lift and re-lock your restraints..."


"Ladies and gentlemen, we are experiencing technical difficulties. Due to an electrical storm headed in our direction we ask you to please decend on the ladder located near seat 5. Please scoot from seat to seat starting with seat 4 and moving to the left."

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