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Things that you never what to hear a ride op. say

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"Ahhhhh the brakes are broken again but maintenence are on strike again, oh well, enjoy your ride!"


This actually happened - When i was at thorpe park on the last ride on nemesis inferno, they had just checked the restraints and then they suddenly came up and the ride op says "oooooops rong button"

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I have actually heard....


-"Will I die on this ride?"

-"Please dont die....do you know how much paperwork I'd have to do!"



I have also been at the Riddler's Revenge (not working) and heard:


"Load is clear, unload is clear, stand clear.



....stand clear.



....stand clear.



....Dispatch, push your button.



...push it."


~At this point, the guy at Dispatch pushed the button....The red one. ~



"...Ugh...stand clear Riddler's Revenge track area, resetting ride. Reseting lift.



...Both sides are clear, stand clear.



...Dispatch. GREEN button."



At that point, the other operator on the load side actually went to the back of the station and, seemingly "taught" dispatch to push the right button at the right time. I later found it he was an international worker.




...good times.



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"What's this button do again?"


And then there was THIS experience I had (not so much what the ride-op SAID, but what he DID...) that I posted in another thread:


Years ago when I was in the Navy, my ship went to the Portland Rose Festival (maybe 1994 or 95), and I went on this thing that was then called the High Roller (obviously nothing like the Stratosphere Vegas ride). I wish I could find a pic. Maybe if this sounds familiar to someone they can help...?


Anyway, it was owned by Funtastic Traveling Shows of Portland, and it was a little like an enclosed coaster trainy thing on a shorter rectangular version of a Ring of Fire track. It moved forward around the track, and the track itself rolled a full 360 degrees right and left at the same time.


The ride itself (forces, experiece, etc) was awesome, but the ride op played a prank on us by asking us to hold a spare cotter pin, identical to the one used to lock our door. He did it in such a way that it seemed like we were holding THE cotter pin that was SUPPOSED to lock our door. I was pretty horrified at the whole thing, but in hindsight it was pretty funny.

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(ride op on the phone) Yeah gurllll did you see her face?!? Oh no she didn't? That skanky h----


(rider cuts her off) Excuse me, I've been waiting to ride for 10 minutes, can you get off the phone and push the green button?


(ride talking on phone still) Oh no this motha, you know what gurll, im a call you back, these people is trippin.


(hangs up the phone)


(walks over to you and "locks your seatbelt")


Enjoy your ride sir.


(and the train leaves the station)

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