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Things that you never what to hear a ride op. say

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This actually happened.


I asked if I was too tall to ride the wild mouse at Blackpool pleasure beach. The management of the park was standing there at the ride, and said no you should have no problem just duck under the first part on the lift hill. I said okay. When I strapped in, he began to laugh at me and said have a nice ride. This was not reasurring at all, because I had to duck under more then just the lift hill, that ride scared the hell out of me!





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Well my thai friend Jet startled many people last year on Nitro.


"Hello welcome to Nitro, I sorry, I no know what I doing..eeeee I have to peeee.....Ohh whats the red button!".


He said that to guests and we all got shocked like NO DO NOT PRESS THAT BUTTON! (he had his hand on the e-stop!)


I was the back unloader.



Try this on also. My friend Walter works at GADV and he was SUSPENDED for not saying "Have a happy 45th annyversary here at Six flags" he was walking off his ride for break and he didn't say it so during a routine ride check he was flagged..

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Actually Happened....


In line for Blue Streak at Cedar Point.

Op 1 "wow the rain is really coming down right now, should we close it soon"?

Op 2 "why? Its the rides fault for riding in the rain in the first place"


Heard many times at Mt Olympus....

The Ops stands at the panel and yells back.

"are your lap bars ok"? Then starts the ride

..instead of checking them himself

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When I went to SFStL, one train of Eagle got stuck in the brake run and the other was going up the lift. When they tried to stop the lift at first I heard someone say "THE LIFT WONT STOP!". If the lift indeed wouldnt have stopped then the train on the lift would have smashed into the train stuck in the brakes but they eventually got the lift to stop...

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This is more of an embarrassing moment, but whatever.


Right before the trains were leaving the station, the ride op says; "Green train are you ready?" No one answers. So then he asked my train. He says; "Red train are you ready?" I'm the only one who answers by saying stuff like; "yeah come on, bring it on" and I'm like clapping b/c I was excited to ride it. It was a boring crowd, I had to help them out. So, the ride op says, "One guy, how embarrassing!?!?" just to be funny. So, as the train was leaving the station, he says something else, I forget what it was, so then I do the same thing, I clap and everything. He says, "Same guy, wow."


I know this post is kind of pointless.

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