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Trip Report: Six Flags Magic Mountain

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i'll just jump right into it:


Got there at 9:30 because i wanted to see what the park opening parade was all about.


Park Opening Parade: Kind of a joke. bugs bunny looked like he didn't want to be there. 6/10


as soon as the gates were opened and i had me season pass scaned i bolted to Goliath!


Goliath: Awsome like always! i got to sit in the front on the first train of the day. then when we came back, there wasn't that many people in the station, so i was able to grab myself a seat in the middle of the train. 10/10


Colossus: This ride just isn't what it used to be. even though i rode it three times in a row, i didn't really enjoy it that much. 7/10


Scream!: I dont know why so many people hate this ride! even though its themed like a parking lot its still fun! definatly 10/10


Batman: The lines were freakin short still! i was able to get right into the station without waiting in any lines. but i still didn't quite fit on it im afraid


Riddlers Revenge: Once again, no lines, but i didn't quite fit on it.


Goldrusher: The only reason i still ride this one is because its a tradition for me. its the first roller coaster i ever rode at SFMM. it was a good ride, and they were running 2 trains. 8/10


I then took the long climp that puts the Mountain in Magic Mountain. they really need to get orient express running again.


Ninja: Short lines, fun ride, good ride to rest on. 7/10


Superman: Short lines, didn't fit


Psyclone: Long line! i had to sit in the front seat with some dude that i didn't even know. This ride is so rough! even the kids were getting off going "owwww my back!" 5/10


I saw from on psyclone that the line for Deja Vu was long! so i didn't even try that one.


Viper: This is one of my favorite rides. the lines were somewhat long, but this ride is definatly worth it. not as rough as last time. 9/10


I then walked over to X and stood in the line for like a half an hour and it didn't move at all, so i just went back down and went on Revolution.


Revolution: A classic, but this ride just isn't what it used to be. It is really rough now. but still enjoyable. 7/10


Log Jammer: long line, but it was fun! i got a boat all to myself! if you ever get a chance to ride this one, do it! 10/10


Goliath, again.: The line in the station was long this time, but there was no line outside of the station. Unfortunatly, i got the car that has the restraints were theres a bar halfway down. it was so painful! 7/10


Scream! again: long line in the station but it was a fun ride! 10/10


i then decided to walk all the way over back to Tatsu.


Tatsu: The wait for this one was only like 30 minutes. I got on the ride, the restraints clicked once, but it wouldn't click one more time, so i couldn't go on it.


I then walked over to X the last ride of the day.


X: The line to get on this one was an hour and a half now, but it was worth it. This was my first time on this one. Automaticaly my favorite ride in the world! It was really fun, and i didn't see it break down once while i was in line. a 10/10


Overall this was a really good day. I left around 7:10 . I had a lot of fun, and hope to go back at least 2 more times this summer. i'll post a picture of me on X later.

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Awww....too bad you couldn't get on Tatsu, Batman, or Riddler's......home you can get on next time. I've heard they were realy fun... alas, i didnt get on Tatsu, Batman, or Riddler's last time...I was too scared after Viper:angry: ....I plan on going on the things next time though. I think i'm going to force myself on them.

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