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When do you go back to school?


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Ok, i'm really bored right now and i've been slaving over school work for the past week (reading and writing and stuff) and finally...I go back to school tomorrow. So, in honor of this, I have a little TR for you guys, it's called the night before going back to school, enjoy!


yay, homework!


and then i got bored of doing editorials and so i made this girl look like potc2 jack sparrow...OH YEAH...i'm supposed to turn that in too...


aww, little kitty in my binder...


this is what i'd look like in a coloring book holding pens


DUDE, there's a pterodactyl on my binder!


yeah, i'm the cool kid with the spider man lunch bags

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You whippersnappers just wait until you have to take summer classes in college and you only get a 2 week summer break between the last summer class and the first fall semester class!



AND you have to go to campus every single day during that two weeks to catch up on the research you couldn't do while you were in human physiology killing yourself studying for the giant exams every week.

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I just got through my first week....It was the longest week of my life! Why is it in Spanish 3 that everything the teacher says is in spanish?? Even the instructions to an assignment are in spanish!


I'm in Spanish III also... quite a bit of the class is in Spanish, and everything in our book/packets is in Spanish except for grammar explainations. I actually enjoy it, as I love Spanish, but some hate it.


I have a great teacher, and she starts every class off with "Hola, hola, hola, clase!" It's great.


Anyway, I started August 16th. It's going to be a tough (in terms of difficulty) year, but I have great teachers.

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