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When do you go back to school?


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Anywhere from August 29th - Sept 1st


It hasn't been decided yet.


Yes, that's right. It's August, and the school board hasn't decided when to start school.


Then again, they have about the same administrative qualities as a gerbil.

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IDK, maybe it has changed or is just different here, because my teachers have told me that a lot of what their curriculum and course guides deal with come straight from college and professor recommendations. At least that's what I was told.


Yeah, I got that speech too. The 100 level classes are "mostly" covered in high school. It's the level 200-300 courses that high school should really prepare you for or atleast least basically address as they can be extremely overwhelming.


I'm just giving you fair warning because many others and I thought we knew alot more going into college then we did. But that was way back in the 90s Things may be totally different now.



Sorry to be a downer bro' but if I could go back in time I'd have spent a lot less time busting my butt with AP courses in high school.

WOW...that really cheers me up!


Glad I could be of assistance

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Technically the 14th, but I still have to go to Freshman orientation the 11th. Oh well its the same thing as Middle School basically, getting 4+ hours of homework everyday, gee I wish I was in my county's public school system where they get 5 mins of homework. Oh well. Anyways, this one county in metro Atlanta (Rockdale County) started July 31

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I start on the 21st...2 more weeks. I'll be taking Probability & Statistics (Again..dropped the summer course), Watercolor (Maybe do watercolor coaster paintings!), Health, and as I need to be a full time student the only other class that fits in my schedule is Computer Literacy...easy A for me. I'm a bit worried about Statistics though...I hear it's a tough course even at the slower pace.

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