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Eejanaika Opening Day Photos & POV Video

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I agree with Robb and Ride6, the ride doesn't look dramatically different compared to X, and, to be honest, the Full-Full doesn't look as amazing as it sounds on paper, but it all comes down to riding the bad boy, so i could be very wrong.


Having said taht, X is my difinate #1 coaster, and im sure this is just as amazing.

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I know it's obviously a trailing wheel set, but it seems like it could relay info like track position to the station instead of using sensors throughout the ride.


I agree with Rob as well, I would ride this if I went to Japan, but I wouldn't go to Japan to ride ONLY this. It would still make me excited, though, since I rode X after a four-five hour wait and dehydrated, I may have overly hyped it inside to make me feel like it was worth it They could do so much more with the ride, like rotate the two sides differently (unless they "have" to be parallel by some cylinder mechanism).


And I too wonder what the hell that THING with wires and air conditioner looking thing is for . . .

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I'll start by saying that I really enjoy X but, i'm not waiting forever to go on it.


That said, there seems to be a lot little changes to the overall ride.


The biggest of those changes in the station, new maintenance and transfer table area and drop away floor which you would think would cut down on load times and general wear and tear.


When it comes to the actual ride, they seem to have done all they could to smooth the ride. The trains appear at least to me, to travel at a more consistent rate and the longer turn around I'm sure helped a lot.


I, also think the smaller trains will help a lot also but, like was said nothing really "NEW" about the ride.


But, I'll wait until we get some reviews back from the few that will get to ride both.

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I personally really enjoy X, so I can't wait to finally get on this one.


As per the computer thing on the back, IIRC, someone said that it was for (at least partially) the restraint system. Which, I believe, is controlled by compressed air (hence the tube on the back).


Of course, I could be wrong.

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Looking back. I cant believe I waited 2 1/2 hours for this! It was really wild, fast, and never gave me a second to breath. I went on with my twin and little sister, and it was a great experience! But having "Eejanaika" chanted in your ears for 2 hours wasn't fun! But, this was my 100th coaster, so it made all the difference!


-Dainan "I need to ride X now" Rafferty

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I haven't been on X in a few years, but Eejanaika was totally insane. I don't remember X being this nuts, but it's been awhile. I guess it is the full-full element that makes the difference. When I got off of E I was blown away, but once was enough for me. It is rather rough, but your head won't get too beat up...the cars just bounce a lot.

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We rode it earlier in the week and were really disappointed. The roughness is just too much.


I really think that a smaller 4 dimensional coaster would be better. This is one of the few rides that less speed would likely equal more fun.

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