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NEWS: Woman hurt, thrown from park ride.

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Cant access the papers website that has the story and havent seen anything else in the news. Dont know how serious injuries or what ride it happend on. Here is all I have found so far it sounds like it might be a kiddie coaster. Anybody know more.




http://www.arkansasonline.com/ShowIndex.asp?Section=Arkansas story about half way down but must be a subscirber.


A Memphis woman was flung from a small roller coaster at a Hot Springs amusement park Saturday afternoon, police said. BY BOBBY WILSON

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It was Twist 'n' Shout, Magic Spring's wild mouse (rode it two weeks ago!): http://rcdb.com/id723.htm


A Memphis woman was flung from a small roller coaster at a Hot Springs amusement park Saturday afternoon, police said.

Felicia Robinson, 45, fell about 15 feet from the Magic Springs & Crystal Falls ride called Twist and Shout at 3:54 p.m., police said. She was taken to a local hospital and was listed in stable condition.

As the ride came around a curve, the centrifugal force pushed Robinson out of the car, police said.

A Magic Springs & Crystal Falls official disputed the police’s claim that Robinson fell 15 feet, saying witnesses reported the distance at 10 feet.

According to police, park officials said they had checked the ride and determined that it was mechanically safe and sound.



Entire article at: http://www.ardemgaz.com/ShowStoryTemplate.asp?Path=ArDemocrat/2006/07/30&ID=Ar01802&Section=Arkansas

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Wonder if she held on the last curve or two before getting tossed out or if it was just the last turn that actually flipped her out. Either way she came out wonder if it was a loose restraint or a situation where a rider has moved around up and down enough that the restraint moved to a different body location makeing it loose.

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I never had a chance to ride it when it was in Ocean City, NJ, but on Tuesday I was on Doo Wooper at Morey's which is a clone of it and the turns seemed very tame even before the first set of brakes at the top of the rides compared to other wild mouse coasters I have been on.


Regardless, I am a little nervous every time I go on the Doo Wooper because the first incident at Ocean City is in the back of my head but now I'll probably be even more nervous next time I go to Morey's.

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News update on the accident.

Seems the ride op allowed woman to ride in two seats. (What were they thinking)




State: Employee improperly seated woman hurt on Hot Springs ride


Friday, August 18, 2006 9:51 AM CDT


HOT SPRINGS, Ark. - A ride operator should have prevented a large woman from taking up two seats on a roller coaster, a ride inspector said after investigating an accident in which the Tennessee woman was hurt while falling 11 feet onto a box holding electric cables.


The Magic Springs & Crystal Falls amusement park disputed the report, saying Felicia Robinson, 44, of Memphis, Tenn., was properly secured in the Twist 'n Shout coaster before the July 29 accident. General manager Dal Aylward said Robinson didn't follow the rules.


The Arkansas Labor Department, which inspects amusement parks, said one of the ride operators let the woman ride sideways and occupy two seats. The ride's manufacturer requires one seat per rider.


"It is evident that the patron was ejected from the ride because of improper seating and restraint," inspector Mike Watson wrote in a report. "The patron was extremely large, improperly seated and this allowed for the patron's center of gravity to move to a position above the retraining bar during the course of the ride.


"If the patron was too large to sit in the seat properly with the restraint bar in place, access should have been denied," the report said.


Ride operator Vicky Snyder said Robinson sat sideways "with her legs on the other side" and that the coaster car's restraining bar was closed and locked.


Aylward said Robinson failed to follow instructions to stay seated and face forward.


"While the Labor Department's incident report made note that the woman was `extremely large,' many large people have ridden the ride without problems by following the instructions and remaining properly seated," he said.


Hot Springs police said last month that centrifugal force pushed Robinson off the ride as it rounded a curve. Robinson was taken to a hospital after the accident; calls to her home were referred to a paralegal's office in Memphis, which didn't return messages.


The park said rides are inspected each day before the park opens. The Labor Department said it found no problem with the ride, leading it to focus on operator error.


Magic Springs has six roller coasters. The Twist 'n Shout, which climbs to 15 feet, is relatively tame, taking corners but having no loops.


Aylward said Snyder and the other ride operator, Joy Everett, still work at the park.


Information from: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, http://www.ardemgaz.com

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