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Photo TR: Gröna Lund & Tusenfryd 27-28/07

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That place reminds me of a much more upscale version of Indiana Beach, being cleaner and much more well kept. That Schwarzkopf looks very nice. Only Grona Lund doesn't have the Cornball Express!


No taking shots @ my #1 favorite park (of the 8, yes only 8) I've been to.


I <3 Indiana Beach. It's a park that "should never be" in America. At IB you're not really held in on the sky ride or one of the coasters for that matter. Last time at IB I noticed at least a 1/2 dozen major lawsuites waiting to happen, I just prey they never do because I'd hate to have that place become like the rest of this padded, pathetic country. Well and the "grittyness" at IB gives it quite a bit of it's charm imo.



Oh and that place looks excellent in a big way, major beautiful. I <3 Schwarzkopf coasters. Esspecially one's with "OMG WTF BBQ" drops like that one has.



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