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Photo TR: Gröna Lund & Tusenfryd 27-28/07

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Last night I came home after going on a short coastertrip with a friend to Gröna Lund and Tusenfryd. We started with GL, which is a small park in Stockholm, the capitol of Sweden. The park is very easy to get to as its located almost in the center of the city. Its a small park with a great atmosphere and some awesome rides!


Since I didnt get any pictures of all the hot swedish lesbians, I'll end the GL update with a picture of me with a giant Intamin droptower sticking out of my head! =)


The park became really beatiful as the sun went down...


Another picture for you lifthill-enthusiasts. Check out the clearance on the right side!


The park had a great, classic atmosphere!


Gröna Lund also had this weird ride! Its kinda like a bicycle which does loops, but we didnt feel like doing a workout!


And it ended with this awesome slide! It actually has a double-down where you get airtime!!!


The funhouse was awesome! Tons of wacky stuff!


They also had a 200 feet S&S Combo Tower but we didnt ride because of the long line.


Mondial Topscan through the trees!!


It was really beatiful!


The location of this park was just awesome!


There was plenty of funny faces on Fritt Fall Tilt!




See the difference?? Yes, the car actually tilts AT THE TOP! 260 feet above the ground the car tilts forward! Its such an amazing feeling!


Take a good look at the purple car before looking at the next picture.


They had one of those standup-floorless cars.


260 feet of Intamin dropping-awesomeness!


Fritt Fall was next.


Crappy pictue of a train heading down the psycho-drop as another train full of happy riders returns to the station. They were running 4 trains so the line was only 5 mins, even with the park being packed!


Everyone loves Jetline! Its a very powerfull ride which throws you around a bit, but its not rough.


And this is where everyone goes "OMFG!"


This is where everyone goes "Weeeeee!"


This is one of those "never in America"-rides. The reason: The support structure for the MCBR on the right is like a foot from the train going up the lifthill. I almost hit my arm on it!


Awesome Anton-curved-chainlift-stuff!


Jetline opened in 1988 and its still the largest coaster in the park.


SEE?! Totally impossible!


Its impossible to take a picture of this coaster without taking a picture of Jetline...


Our first ride of the day was Vilda Musen, a Gerstlauer coaster which opened a few years ago.


Gröna Lund from the ferry. The location of this park is just awesome!


Heres a view of Stockholm from the ferry to the park.

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Thanks for the nice replies! I'll have a small update from Tusenfryd coming up either later today or tomorrow.


For those of you wondering about the layout on Jetline, its almost identical to BMRX, which you can find an onride video of here. Jetline is bigger though, and BMRX looks like its braked more. Jetline felt like it was flying through the brakeruns and helixes.

Oh, and I can definately understand that these Schwarzkopf coasters are rather uncomfortable with OTSR because they are quite wild, and Ive heard that those restraints usually comes down during the ride aswell...


Btw, just out of curiosity, are there any other Intamin droptowers where the cars tilts at the top? I know that Apocalypse @ Drayton Manor tilts forwards as it starts going up. What about those Gyro drops like Acrophobia @ SFOG? I can imagine them tilting at the top....

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Great TR! You really missed something when you didn't ride Katapulten (And those bicycle thingies. They're REALLY fun! When I were at Gröna Lund there was no queue at all, so me and a friend rode it two times in a row, cause it's so fun! And I think that JetLine is pretty rough in the back of the trains, but that's just me (and my friend). I don't wanna know how a Vekoma is if I think JetLine is


One mroe thing... Go go go Fritt Fall! xD

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Nice photos--I even thought your "crappy" two-train pic was pretty good. Anton sure did design some beautiful machines.


The defunct funhouse at Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk used to have a cool wooden slide, too (I really miss that place).

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Thank you for all your nice replies, its really appriciated. And I must admit that Im very pleased with how the chairswing picture turned out to be. I didnt expect to look that great! It was also cool to get a link to my PTR on the front page!


I promised you a small update from Tusenfryd so here it is. The day before was awesome, so our day at Tusenfryd was kinda 'meh'. Lines werent too bad, but it was hot and we were both exhausted. And Thundercoaster was absolutely awful. We rode first in a non-wheel seat and though it was horrible. And on our second (and last) ride we rode in a wheel-seat and I thought I was going to get my spine adjusted. It was the most painfull experience Ive ever had on a wooden coaster. I belive that the reason for this is the dry weather in the Tusenfryd area the last month. When wood dries, it becomes very stiff. Thundercoaster was nowhere near as rough when I rode it in the rain a few months earlier so I guess the wood is a bit more soft and bends easier when its wet. It was really a shame because it has so much potential...


I wasnt in the mood for picture-taking, so if anyone wants to see more pictures from Tusenfryd I reccomend checking out my Photo TR from Tusenfryd earlier this year-


I'll end this update with a picture containing an S&S tower and a house made of candy! =)


Speedmonster has not surprisingly developed a bit more vibrations since it opened, but its still a very enjoyable ride!


Atleast there is one rollercoaster worth riding here.


Screw everything I have said about this ride being better than Balder! Words cant describe how horrible it was!


Hmmm and I thought it only felt like it was about to fall apart...


It may look great, but its one evil torture machine in dry weather..


No PTR from Tusenfryd is complete without a picture of everyone's favorite Vekoma looping coaster!


Stupid Mondial ride getting riders wet! Atleast it didnt throw any passengers off this time...


Skipped this one as I already had the credit! =)


These kids are about to get very wet!


With the high temperatures we went to Supersplash quite early. But with a 30 minute queue we only rode once. Still a very fun ride!

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the first park: amazing park, amazing setting, amazing pictures. what can i say except absolutely amazing?


the second park: i dont know if i'm the only one but i can't recall that park in my mind. am i the only one who doesn't know bout it?

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^ Tusenfryd was recently featured in the UK Trip add on, there are pics linked on the front page!


Grona Land, however, is a bit more rare to see.. and I must say, I do approve of the coaster, even if it may be more BHS/Zierer/Maurer or whatever than Scwarzkopf

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Gröna Lund looks like a really lovely park that needs me to visit real soon! Not surprisingly it's not really the coasters that attract me to parks, but the atmosphere. I'm sortof Six Flags out, meaning I'm tired of going to parks far away just for the credit. Luckily parks like Cedar Point combine both the coasters and atmosphere, but not all parks are like Cedar Point, or Kennywood!

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I LOVE GRONA LUND!!!! been there twice and for the small space the park has, the use of it is fantaataa! jetline is one awesome ride - if you sit in the back row, on the "OMG" drop u get some airtime n then that "100G" moment at the bottom! Infact you get loads of Gs at the bottom of the first drop, when sitting by myself, the restraint next to me was pulled all the way down by itself! Jetline really does run through those brakes, the only ones that seem to slow it down are the ones at the very end.


as for vilda musen - its another awesome ride. it is weird though, you get the great sensation and drops of a normal wild mouse then at the end you have a turning drop into and extremely tight, highly banked upwards helix. the helix is right above the pavement below and gives a good views for on lookers.


That fun house is massive and the best one ive ever been in - LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!

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