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Most INTENSE Coaster Moment?

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Has any of you been on a Capriolo by Mondial? They are quite common over here in Europe, but I don't think there are much of these (if any) in the US.


(Random Google image)


I just rode my first one yesterday (Maxximum), and the passages when the gondola dives upside down all the way across the valley is just something you don't get anywhere else! I don't know how many negative g you have in here (if it's going full speed, it's about -3.7g!!), but it's really intense. Not as unpleasant as I'd have expected, thanks to the comfy seats and harnesses.


Here's a video -not mine- but it's the model I rode, at the fair I was, with the views I had:



I'm talking about the passage at 3:33. I had four of them, 3 frontward and one backward if I recall correctly.

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As far as coasters go-


I305 first turn

Skyrush airtime

KK launch

Alpengeist from bottom of loop to mcbr


Verbolten's helix is pretty forceful for a "family coaster" as well

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I think the one moment that sticks out in my mind would be Swamp Fox's (Family Kingdom) nearly unbanked final turn into the station... It's probably one of the fastest points on the entire coaster, so when you hit that turn you get some absolutely INSANE laterals! It is without a doubt the most intense single moment on any coaster I've been on... Especially when you consider that the rest of the coaster is fairly boring.

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For me personally, my most intense coaster moment to date would have to be Tatsu's pretzel loop. It's not the only coaster I've ridden with a pretzel loop but by God, nothing can compare to the sheer intensity and adrenaline that I experienced on Tatsu.

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