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Most INTENSE Coaster Moment?

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Intimidator 305 - The turn at the bottom of the first drop where you can blackout very easily due to the intense forces.


El Toro - The final "big drop" of the ride where it used to cross over Rolling Thunder. The extremely intense ejector airtime is insane!


Hypersonic XLC (Demolished) - The launch was insanely intense. Going 0-80 MPH in under 2 seconds was an extreme experience.


^yes to all three especially Hypersonic. Most intense moment of my entire life with that launch.


For Intimidator, the entire blitz of the transitions of the first half is just ridiculous and impossibly fast paced.


Honorable mention goes to storm runner for the launch and the flying snake dive.

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I also thought Green Lantern at SFMM was crazy, especially my first time because I had never experienced anything like it before and didn't know what to expect.


I totally forgot to mention GL!! It's ridiculously intense and gives sensations I've never felt before. Not sure why it receives so much flack other than being slightly painful

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SKYRUSH first drop in back seat.


runner ups:

El Toro final hill in back seat.

Tatsu pretzel, front or back.

i305 first curve.

Volcano launches.

X2 drop.

Kingda Ka launch.

Maverick first drop in back seat.

Aftershock's towers.

Afterburn batwing

Superman (SFDK) ejector airtime

Superman (SF America) third hill

B&M zero g roll (Medusa / Bizarro / Scream)

Batmen (for consistent positive G force)


haven't been on a RMC (yet), Kumba/Montu or Intamin Bizarro.


Green Lantern (SFMM) was intense but I disliked it intensely. And yes, it spun several times.

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I have many intense moments:

-Xcelerator's launch and top hat

-Full Throttle's final drop in the last car

-Titan's helixes

-Mr. Freeze's pull up the tower and the bottom of the tower

-Kumba's zero-g roll

-Montezooma's loop and back tower

-San Diego Manta's final twisty hills

-X2's first drop

-Tatsu's pretzel loop

-Batman's first vertical loop

-How much Green Lantern: FF beats the crap out of me

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Humm.. I have a few:


Kingda Ka's launch and entry to the top hat (in the front): the wind feels like it's going to tear your face apart and I love how you see the top hat coming really fast and then pull a lot of Gs going vertical;


Dragon Khan's zero g: it is so fast you get thrown around you're seat in zero gravity and then it's all over in a very short time;


BTR's corkscrews (font or back);


Pretty much every moment of skyrush: the first drop is insane, you start going down and get some air and then when you think that's it the train reaches maximum steepness really fast and you fell like you're going to be ejected out of your seat; both big airtime hills and also the small one give insane negatives; the stengel dive also provides great air if sitting in the left and is very twisty; the twisted airtime hill combines awesome air with back snapping laterals; the first two turns are also incredibly intense as they pull so many Gs, and you know they are because you almost go 90 DEGREES. (even the lift is the most "intense" I've been on).

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For me the most intense moments on coasters have to be:-


Dodonpa, the acceleration is incredible and the way to get pulled over the top hat is mental. It feels like it's trying to catapult you as close to Mt Fuji as it can make you go!


Intimidator 305's first turn made me grey out a few times out of the 7 or so times I rode it.


B&M Flyer pretzel loops to me feel like a lot of elephants have just been plonked on your chest. Very intense.

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^Oh I forgot the pretzels. Only been on one but it was very intense, on one of my rides I tried to lift my head out of my headrest to see if I could do it but there was just no way I could!

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Skyrush. THE most intense coaster I've ever been on. Especially that first drop if you're in the back seat. (We were assigned that seat all 4 times we rode the coaster last summer.) First coaster I had to hold on for dear life the whole ride too. If I had put my hands up, my shirt would have flown off and I seriously felt like I was going to be pulled out of the restraints. It was awesome! Nothing comes close.

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This hill, right here. The last airtime hill on Skyrush along the pathway.



This is the airtime hill that makes grown men cry tears of joy or immense pain depending on their tolerance. I'm not quite sure what mine were the first time I rode.

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