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Most INTENSE Coaster Moment?

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For me:


Superman: Ultimate Flight's Pretzel Loop in the last row. (Though I have not ridden Tatsu yet).


Hypersonic XLC Launch.


Kumba's helix at the very end is pretty intense if you sit in the back row.


Dueling Dragon's Fire after the 2nd inversion before the vertical loop.

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for me definitely titans 1st helix (the one that goliath doesnt have). the second helix is EXTREMELY weak compared to the first one. i almost blacked out on the first one, and it was the closest ive ever gotten to blacking out on a roller coaster. it pulls 4.5 g's for over 6 seconds in a row! my second would have to be the double loops on shockwave.

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Im supprised no one has mentioned the underground portion of Hades yet. I mean, PITCH BLACK NINETY DEGREES! Also, it throws you around alot, and there is some airtime during your stay in darkness. Aside from that...


*Cyclops: INSANE AIR the whole way through, but especially on the first and last major drops (where you almost fall out of the train itself.)

*Beast: Helix, need I go on?

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Okay I'm going to do probably all repeats since I didn't read the entire thread.


1) Yes, yes, yes... scoff all you want but I love the out of control feeling the double helix on The Beast gives. (pre-trim brakes)


2) Any portion on Hades. The underground part? Unmmm.... hello!? When that ride ends all you can pretty much think is "What the hell just happened here!?"


3) I know I just posted this on the "Best Drop" thread so excuse me for being redundant but there is a reason that it is Wisconsin State law that you have to be 18 to ride in the backseat of Cyclops.


4) The launch on Volcano front seat. I rode it for my first time two weeks ago and was not prepared for what happened. I was totally not ready for the launch or the suprise high speed run around the back of the volcano. All that's left of that entire experience is an intense blur of yellow track. However, I remember screaming though... and using lots and lots of profanity.

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That's pretty much what I just said, minus Volcano (Since I've yet to ride it). But I havent gone on that yet, so my launching intense moment goest to TTD. StormRunner has a better ride in general, but TTD's launch is just insane..

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Just like the title, let's discuss which part of an extreme ride is the most intense/insane/extreme and why.


For example:

Outlaw Run: Wave hill ( 90degrees banked airtime hill) for unique sensation and extreme airtime.

Mega-Lite: The 7th hill at the front row for extreme airtime.

Maverick: The exit of the second Stengel Dive at the back row for possibly the most intense twist.

S:KC: The twist after the MCBR at the back row, side seats for the sensation of being pulled down the hill.

Cyclops: Third dive. I think it's already world famous so no need to explain

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American eagle in the last row o the last car. The exit to the tension builder (helix) you slam back to going straight only to implode even with 2 trim brakes right before and seatbelts I felt like gravity had been reversed ten fold!


...and it's trimmed!

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Intimidator 305 - The turn at the bottom of the first drop where you can blackout very easily due to the intense forces.


El Toro - The final "big drop" of the ride where it used to cross over Rolling Thunder. The extremely intense ejector airtime is insane!


Hypersonic XLC (Demolished) - The launch was insanely intense. Going 0-80 MPH in under 2 seconds was an extreme experience.

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My most intense coaster moment was when I went on Millennium Force for the very first time. I remember the first drop... then the overbanked turn... then I regained consciousness just before the final tunnel. It might have had something to do with our Canadian tailgate party in the parking lot hours prior

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Skyrocket @ Kennywood.


Front row, top hat. Great pop of airtime.


That was the one time I legitimately thought I might fly out of the restraints on a roller coaster.


I also thought Green Lantern at SFMM was crazy, especially my first time because I had never experienced anything like it before and didn't know what to expect.

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