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Most INTENSE Coaster Moment?

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Out of what I have ridden - Dragster's launch and first drop, which is why I rate it so highly, doesn't do much but it is a blast.


Magnum's bunny hop run in the ejector seat (1.3) is brutal.


The second camel back on SFNE ride of steel after the first turn around, especially around the front.


SFMM Goliath's helix before they tamed it down, I even know a very prominent Cedar Point fanboy who passed out on that.

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I would have to say launches in general.


But specifically,


- Last seat of Laser at Dorney = near-blackout


- Phantom's Revenge after the second drop


- The vertical loop on DD at IOA, but it's only good from the front seat

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I haven't been on Tatsu yet and I think it sounds awesome! But is it any good, and exactly HOW intense is the pretzel loop?



P.S. I can't sit in the backseat YET on Cyclops (not yet eighteen) but the second-to-last-car's airtime shocked me! It ROCKED!

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