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Most INTENSE Coaster Moment?

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Here's my list:



2. Raging Bull - backseat

1. Pretzel Loops


OMFG those inverted loops pull so many G's that I feel my brain being affected. They are awesome yes but I have to brace hard to make it.


I can feel my brain squish!

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You consider pretel loops intense?

Whoa, apparantly ive been on more intense stuff than I thought.


For me intense is...


1. that hill after the loop in pinafari XL42 coasters

2. riding colossus at SFMM backwards during Fright Night. that hurt.

3. B:TR at SFMM first time I rode it. yeeouch!

4. The brakes on Gemini. lets just say i could sympathise with my dad's back problems... namely because he was in the other train...

5. Viper at SFGA. it was so intense that a fanny pack i was wearing snapped right off and i had to catch it with my knees.

6. Oblivion when it straightens underground. G force city.

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6. Oblivion when it straightens underground. G force city.


To be honest I didn't notice the pullout being all that intense on Oblivion.


Pretzel loops would definetly be up there for me.


Goliaths helix is also pretty intense.


Two Face at SFA for some reason really felt intense.

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I thought Alpengeist at BGW (BGE now?) was pretty intense when I rode it back in 2001. I can't pinpoint a particular element though since I rode somewhere in the middle of the train and couldn't see where we were going. I wasn't as much of a "coaster nerd" then as I am now so I wasn't very familiar with the layout of it when I rode it either.

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I would list pretzel loop as the most intense but I am going with the drop on El Toro that goes into Rolling Thunder's infield.


Now, the pretzel loop is more intense elementally (is that a word?). I see a ride with a pretzel loop and I know I'm going to get one hell of a rush on that element. From there, the psychological impact of any surprise is near gone after seeing the ride with a pretzel loop.


El Toro's drop into Rolling Thunders infield section on the other hand is completely out of sight of anyone waiting to go on the ride and you cant get a clear visual of it from anywhere else other than those riding on Rolling Thunder.


It is a TOTAL surprise. And that surprise element makes it that much more thrilling. Rides like Ka and TTD pack quite a punch on their launch but their is very little surprise as riders get to see it up close for hours on end while waiting to get on them.

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Good point and totally true.


But I will never forget the first time I rode El Toro was in the back row and oh my F'ing god, did that element blow my mind like no other coaster had before.


I will always remember that first time like the first time I had... I mean, the first time I rode a bike.


Edit: Oops, I thought you were talking about my El Toro point. The point you made still stands valid towards El Toro though.

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I would say SUF's pretzel loop also at SFGAdv. It felt like my brain was going into my socks. That was pretty awesome even if the rest of the ride is so-so. I would also say the helix on the Mamba at WOF. Pull a lot of g's doing a helix at that high speed and great head choppers on the supports add to it.

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For me it's on Dueling Dragons 'Fire' the second Immelmann with a 360 turn. http://rcdb.com/ig558.htm?picture=32


Every time I go through that loop my legs feel like ripping off of my body due to the g-forces, I love it!!

Ugh... I hate when they do that with inversions. Why can't they make them big and slow enough to get some disorienting zero G at the top?

Sheikra's Immelman is the perfect example of what I wish they did with more coasters.


Why does everyone hear "intense" and think of hard positive G force? I think intense, and what comes to mind is weightlessness and feeling disoriented.

Thats what I like.

I wish more coasters had less elements focused entirely on positive G force, and had more with negative G and "controlled" weightlessness. I say save the +G for really fast helixes and the bottom of loops. I hate when an entire inversion is ruined by +G's. It keeps you from feeling any other more exciting sensations.

As for the most intense moments, I say the drop on Sheikra and the drop on Kraken. Also, the launch on Rock 'n' Roller Coaster. It's the best in the back. After a few rides in a row it gets less intense, but the first ride of the trip always gets me

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Intense to me means my brain and body not being on the same page and the brain is sensing something completely out of the ordinary and with that said:

#1 - Pretzel Loop - nothing else comes quick to having my brain says WTF

#2 - Backwards Loop


You know what these have in common. You don't see them coming so your brain has trouble processing the data.


If you want the most single violent element - ride Cyclops in the last row. If you want it to be ultra-violent, ride it with your eyes closed.

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